Spiritual Urban Legends part 1 – Tim McCool – The March to Zion Broadcast 02/01/2015

We are all familiar with urban legends. In this message from the archives of the March to Zion Broadcast, Brother Tim McCool uses this familiar phrase, with an added twist, to present several “spiritual” urban legends.


Grace and Works | 4-8-18

In this radio message, guest preacher Luke Hagler makes the important distinction between the grace of God and our works. These two terms are mutually exclusive, and we must see what our works really are and that grace cannot be grace if it involves our work.  With grace in the proper view and works in their place, then we can truly appreciate the grace of God and his mercy to us.

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The Basics: Glorified | 3-4-18

In our final radio message in a series on the basics that all God’s children should know, Pastor Tim McCool takes up the final “basic” listed in Romans chapter 8 – glorification. Also known as the resurrection, this is the last event of our salvation that will take place at the end of time when God delivers us to heaven in our glorified bodies.  Keep reading →

The Basics: Called | 2-18-18

The Basics: Called – The next basic we’re considering is divine calling. This is not to be confused with the call to follow the Lord after one is born again. No, this is the calling of God by the voice of God to the heart. It is also described as a quickening, a creation, a regeneration and being born again. In all of these descriptions, an outside force must act in order to make it happen. Keep reading →

The Basics: Predestinated | 2-11-18

The word predestination for some reason strikes fear and resentment in many. But as a basic building block of our faith, and as a glorious truth that God writes on the heart of His children in the new birth, it is not something to be afraid of. It was one of the fundamental teachings by the Apostle Paul to the churches he established in the truth of our salvation. Keep reading →

The Certainty of Salvation

In the religious world today, most Christians hear about a Christ who is trying to save, but cannot unless we assist him somehow. In this message preached on the March To Zion Broadcast, Brother Tim examines the certainty of our salvation – that our eternal destiny is secure in the work of Christ, and all of his children will be in heaven one sweet day.

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