Failure of the Family / Tim McCool / 6-9-24

In this message, I continue looking at the time when the Lord ended the world with a flood. It was not the failure of government. It was the failure of the family. This should be a warning to us today as we see the continued decline of God’s initial form of government – the family.


Why Did God Send the Flood? / Tim McCool / 6-2-24

Have you ever wondered why the Lord sent the flood in the days of Noah? What was the root problem? Was the government passing ungodly and overreaching laws? Did the Lord just arbitrarily decide to wipe everything out and start over? In this message, I take a look at this question.


The Faithfulness of God / Luke Hagler / 6-2-24

When we consider how God does not change in his commitment to eternally save us, it should inspire us to be faithful to Him. Sadly, if we are honest with ourselves, our faithfulness is very lacking. We are drawn away so easily from serving Him. In this message, Brother Luke relates how God’s faithfulness should inspire us to faithfulness.


The Preacher’s Kids / Tim McCool / 5-26-24

In this message, I continue a series on Bible-based parenting. There are some horrible examples in the Bible of parents who did not teach their children. One of those examples is found in I Samuel. In this message I look at the preacher’s, or to be accurate, the priest’s kids.


Lay Hold On Eternal Life / McNeil Honea / 5-26-24

Our eternal life is a non-refundable gift from God. It cannot be taken away and praise God we cannot do something to lose it. And Paul directs the young preacher Timothy to lay hold on the eternal life God has given him. If we can lay hold on it, then it is possible to not lay hold on it. This does not mean we lose it, but it means we do not feel the effect of it like we should. In this message, Brother McNeil Honea speaks about Laying Hold on Eternal Life.


The Accursed Thing / Tim McCool / 5-22-24

In the book of Joshua, we find a father of a family who disobeyed the Lord and brought an “accursed thing” into his home. It had the effect of destroying his family completely. The phrase “accursed thing” means a doomed object. I wonder how many doomed objects we may have in our own homes. I call this message The Accursed Thing.


Fornication / Luke Hagler / 5-19-24

In this message, Brother Luke takes up another difficult subject, that is so relevant to us today. Our society is saturated with sinful sexuality. God’s children need to hear what God’s word says about this topic. The Bible refers to this sin as fornication. From the TV to the internet, from billboards to books, this temptation is everywhere.


Don’t Take Anything from Strangers / Tim McCool / 5-19-24

There is an old saying that is given as a warning to small children – do not take candy from strangers. In this message, I add to that phrase a bit. Do not take ANYTHING from strangers. Using the word of God, this message explores how dangerous it is to take advice, counsel, friendship, or anything at all, from those who do not have our best interest in mind.


The Perfect Son / Tim McCool / 5-12-24

Recently while preaching a series on teaching our children, it occurred to me how often the perfect Son of God continued to surface in my studies. This led me to preach this message on the perfect Son. There is no better child to observe than the most perfect One who ever lived. In this message, I look at the Perfect Son, Jesus Christ.


Automatic Godliness / Luke Hagler / 5-8-24

The more we are trained in Godly conduct and responses, the more we are likely to have an automatic response of Godliness, when situations arise. In this message, Brother Luke uses detailed examples to show how we can be trained to respond to our circumstances in ways that honor the Lord. The title of this message is Automatic Godliness.


The Riddle of Reproof / Tim McCool / 4-28-24

There were riddles my parents imposed on me when I was child. Why could I not watch TV all day? Why could I not eat jelly at every meal? Why could I not watch the soap opera with my grandmother? I did not learn the answer to these riddles until many years later, after I was grown. These were reproofs that my parents taught me. Like riddles, they often do not make sense until years go by. In this message, I take a look at the riddle of reproof.


The Adder’s Sting / Luke Hagler / 4-28-24

In this message, Brother Luke begins a series about pitfalls and snares that can ruin our lives. Some of those snares may not start out as an outright sin. But just because something is not in and of itself sinful, does not mean it is beneficial to us. Brother Luke takes up an important and timely subject that falls into this category.


Something is Wrong / Tim McCool / 4-21-24

As parents, we are very sensitive when someone tells us there is something wrong with our children. But the truth is, there is something wrong with all children. The major problem is they come from us, their parents. And they take on our sinful nature. In this message, I look at this subject and how God’s word gives specific instruction for parents to deal with this major issue.


Saving Your House / Luke Hagler / 4-21-24

In this sermon, Brother Luke preaches about the importance of saving our houses. By looking at examples of houses that were doomed by the actions of the father, and comparing that to fathers’ whose actions saved their houses in might way, we can see just how important it is to focus on saving our houses.


No Time for Half Measures / John Morgan Owens / 4-24-24

This message was preached on a Wednesday night by Elder John Morgan Owens, member of Zion PBC. In this message, Brother John Morgan points out how we are living in a time when there is no time for half measures. The culture is dark and growing darker, and our stand for truth must be firm and kind, not shaky and wavering.


Bible Based Parenting / Tim McCool / 4-14-24

In this message, I begin a series on Bible Based Parenting. Parents are inundated with different “How To” books regarding parenting. But the best parenting book ever written was written by God Himself. There is great and detailed instruction in God’s Word about how parents should love and teach their children.


Soul Watchers / Tim McCool / 4-7-24

God-called ministers are referred to in various ways in the Bible. From the unique “under-oarsman” of I Cor.4 to the “ox” of I Cor. 9, the descriptions are unique and wide-ranging. But each description carries with it a clear message of how the ministry was created by God for serving God’s people, not lording over them. In this message, I look at the unique term applied to the ministry in Hebrews 13 – the soul watcher.

New Recording 14

Remember Lot’s Wife / Luke Hagler / 4-10-24

Today on the podcast, I share a message preached on a Wednesday night by Brother Luke. Jesus told us to “Remember Lot’s wife.” We should perk up and pay attention to this because Jesus tells us to remember her. If we look at her life, as well as the situation she was in with her family, we can learn valuable life lessons.  This is what Jesus intended by bringing Lot’s wife to our attention.





Four Resurrections / Luke Hagler / 3-31-24

The Bible teaches more than one type of resurrection. From the resurrection of Christ to resurrections we can experience in a timely sense, we find various resurrections taught. On this past Easter Sunday, Brother Luke presents a timely message on Four Resurrections.


Preaching in Parables / Luke Hagler / 3-24-24

Preaching in parables was a teaching method that Jesus used. In some ways, parables were like a code designed to hide truth from some and reveal truth to others. It takes a spiritual mind to understand the truth of a parable. In this message, Brother Luke preaches about the purpose of parables.


Good Decision Making / McNeil Honea / 3-24-24

Good decision making is something we should all be interested in. For the child of God, there is a clear path to making decisions that honor God, especially in difficult times. In this message, Brother McNeil Honea preaches about what the Bible teaches on this subject.


Learning in the School of Christ / Tim McCool / 3-17-24

Born again children of God have the privilege of learning about Christ. From the moment of being quickened by the Spirit, we have an opportunity to learn more and more about our Savior. In this message, I look at how this works.

Quickened by Christ / Tim McCool / 3-13-24

The Book of Ephesians offers a perfect balance of doctrine and practice. The 1st 3 chapters are focused primarily on doctrine, and the last 3 on practical living. In this message, I look at the doctrine presented in the second chapter – how we are quickened, or born again.

Dance With the One Who Keeps You / Tim McCool / 3-10-24

A lot of different things may attract us to the church. It might be the friendliness of a congregation, congregational singing, or even the sharing of a meal at church. But many are drawn by a revelatory and often new understanding of salvation by grace alone. Whatever brings a child of God to the truth, it is the truth of God’s grace that keeps them grounded.


What’s Wrong with Me? / Tim McCool / 3-3-24

It is easy to fall into the trap of constantly asking, “What’s wrong with people?” Although there may be times to ask that question, the real question is what Paul asked in Romans 7: What’s wrong with me? The way he looked at the conflict within – between the old human nature and the new spiritual nature – caused him to ask this question.  In this message, I take a look at that question – What’s wrong with me?


Swallowing the Camel / Luke Hagler / 3-3-24

Self-Examination can be difficult. But it is very easy to examine others, while overlooking our own shortcomings. That is human nature. In this message, Brother Luke points out that when we fail to self-examine, and yet still criticize others, it is like swallowing a camel while straining at a gnat.


He is Always There / Tim McCool / 2-25-24

We often face such troubled times and darkness, until it is difficult to see that the Lord is there. But the Lord made a promise to His children in the book of Hebrews. In this message, I look at that promise. It reveals to us that even when we cannot see Him or feel Him, He is there.


Romans 10 Part 2 / Luke Hagler / 2-18-24

In part 2 of the message on Romans 10, Brother Luke continues to look at the true context of this famous chapter. Was Paul making an offer of eternal salvation? Or was he showing how born-again children of God can exit the slavish prison of thinking their confession or work is what takes them to heaven?


Dark Days in the Kingdom / Tim McCool / 2-11-24

Darkness is everywhere today. The forces of Satan are coming at us in all areas of our lives. But darkness is not a new thing, it has been vexing God’s people for ages. In this message, I look at how darkness has come to the kingdom of God at different times, just as it is today. I hope it will encourage us to push back against the darkness we are facing.

Romans 10 part 1 / Luke Hagler / 2-11-24

Romans chapter 10 is often called the “Roman Road of Salvation”. When saying this, most are thinking about the way we get to heaven, or eternal salvation. In this message, Brother Luke looks at the true meaning of Romans 10, within the context of the Apostle’s Paul foundation laid in the previous 9 chapters. When viewed in this light, it becomes very clear that Paul was not teaching about an eternal deliverance. So, what was he teaching? Listen to part 1 of this message to find out.


We Get What We Need / Tim McCool / 2-4-24

If required to buy a lifetime’s worth of gas when I turned 16, it would have broken me financially. Thankfully, we don’t have to do that. We get the gas we need as we go along. The Lord does this with us. When we think we are forsaken or forgotten, the Lord provides what we need as we go along. Whether it was manna in the desert or even the covenant of redemption, in this message I look at how He provides what we need at the right time.


Why We Preach / Luke Hagler / 1-28-24

As believers in salvation by grace alone, we often hear the question – Why do you preach if you believe God does all the saving? This question presumes that the gospel is a part of saving us eternally.  But that is not the purpose of the gospel. In this message, Brother Luke answers the question about why we preach.


Cultivating Your Faith / Tim McCool / 1-24-24

In this message, I look at how we can cultivate our faith. God is the giver of faith, and sadly, it often takes some amazing providence from God to cause us to grow in our faith towards Him. But whether we see some great miracle, or if we just look at Who He is, it should cause us to strengthen and increase our trust in Him.


Nurturing & Encouraging part 2 / Tim McCool / 1-21-24

In this message, I continue to look at what it means to nurture and encourage the body of Christ. Previously I examined what it does not look like, in the examples of Lot and Job’s miserable comforters. Now I begin to look at how we nurture and encourage what Christ refers to as His wife.

Take Up Your Bed / Luke Hagler / 1-21-24

When Jesus told the bed-ridden man to take up his bed and walk, it was because Jesus had already done something to him. This is a beautiful picture of God’s mercy. First, He gives spiritual life to a wretched sinner, and then commands them to obey Him. It is not the other way around. In this message, Brother Luke demonstrates how we receive life first, then we are able to follow the Lord in discipleship.


Nurturing and Encouraging the Body of Christ / Tim McCool / 1-14-24

The Church of Christ is described as a body and as the wife of Christ. This week I focus on what it means to nurture and encourage the body of Christ. Rather than thinking about an ecclesiastical, untouchable term, I look at how we nurture and encourage the people that make up the body of Christ.



Being Born Again / Luke Hagler / 1-14-24

According to the scripture, being born again is a “must” for the child of God. The question is – how does it happen? Do we do something to contribute to it? The answer is no. Just as we do not contribute to our natural birth, neither do we contribute to our spiritual birth. In this message, Brother Luke looks at the glorious truth of being born again, and how it is all the merciful work of God.


Identifying the Fool / Luke Hagler / 1-10-24

The Bible provides a lot of information about the fool. There are very stark lessons about the consequences of being associated with a Biblical fool or with the wise. In this message Brother Luke looks at several ways a fool can be identified. From their attitude to their emotions, a fool can be identified. The first step begins with a look in the mirror, then learning how to apply God’s word.


A Body, a Bride, a Family / Tim McCool / 1-7-24

On the first Sunday of 2024, my thoughts were stirred towards the church of God. Among the descriptions of God’s church, the Lord refers to His church as a body, a bride and a family. And He is the Creator of the physical body, the very first bride and even the initial governing authority – the family. In this message, I look at these beautiful descriptions.


How Much Do You Weigh? / Tim McCool / 12-31-23

Asking how much someone weighs is normally an inappropriate question, especially to females! In this message, though, I ask that question in a different way. If the burdens we carry that weigh us down were physical and visible to all, how much would we weigh? There are so many carrying such heavy burdens. Thankfully, the Word of God speaks directly to us about how to manage those heavy loads.


The Atonement / Luke Hagler / 12-31-23

In the ongoing series on the basics of our salvation, Brother Luke looks at another “hot topic”. Did Christ’s sacrifice atone for the sins of all people in general, or did He atone specifically for the sins of His chosen. The scripture answers this very plainly, that Christ atoned for the sins of His people, and not an open-ended number that made salvation possible. Much of this truth is discovered in the very words of Christ Himself. In this message, Brother Luke looks at the important subject of the Atonement.


The Virgin Birth / Tim McCool / 12-24-23

In this message from Christmas Eve, I look at one of the foundational beliefs in Christianity. This is what I call a “no brainer”. Or at least it was until the recent times. The virgin birth was prophesied beginning in the Garden of Eden after the fall, and additional, detailed information about the “seed of the woman” was given thousands of years later by Isaiah. In this message, I look at the truth that the Son of God was born of a virgin.


Saving Yourself / Tim McCool / 12-17-23

The word “save” occurs many times in the New Testament. Most of the time, it is not referring to eternal salvation, but to timely deliverances. Recently in the series on David, I spoke about the untimely demise of King Saul, and how he made shipwreck of his life because of his terrible decisions. His rebellion against God even led to the death of his own sons. Paul wrote to Timothy about saving himself and the people that he pastored. This was not anything remotely close to eternal salvation, but an experience of deliverance here and now based on Godly decision making. In this message, I look at how you can save yourself in this way.


Election / Luke Hagler / 12-17-23

If the topic of election comes up nowadays, most would probably respond that they voted or didn’t vote. But when it comes to the Bible, election is a completely different subject. In the word of God, this refers to God’s sovereign act of picking or choosing His people. In the series on the basics of our salvation, Brother Lukes takes up this often misunderstood yet glorious topic.


There Was a Wicked King / Tim McCool / 12-10-23

The end of Saul’s life is one of the most tragic in the Bible. In Saul’s death, we see the sad reality of a child of God who habitually rebelled against God until the Lord refused to intervene any longer. I hope this stands as a vivid lesson to us, that we should continue to humble ourselves, examine ourselves and beg God to continue to have mercy and guide us.


The Testimony of a Tested Man / Tim McCool / 12-3-23

We all have times of reflection. Especially in tragedies or difficulties, we are confronted with our circumstances and reflect. David had a moment like this in a place he never should have been – the land of the Philistines. In the life of David series, I come to an epoch moment for David. He went to war against the will of God, almost went to war against his own nation, and now he has lost his family. In such times of tragedy, my prayer is that we could all react as David did.


The Depravity of Man / Luke Hagler / 12-3-23

In this message Brother Luke continues a series on the basics of our beliefs. Having begun with the authority of God’s word and continued with the sovereignty of God, now this message focuses on the depravity of man. When Adam sinned in the garden, did he become mostly good with a little bit of bad within? Or did he become mostly bad with a little bit of good in him? Brother Luke addresses these questions and others in this message.


The Victory of Faith and Worship part 2 / Tim McCool / 11-26-23

In this message, I look at the 2nd thing that kept David focused during times of great distress. As he was continually pursued by Saul and betrayed by his own kin, David focused on his faith in God and worshipping the Lord. In this broken world where we are continually harassed and pursued by Satan, we can experience victory in these two things just like David did.

The Sovereignty of God / Luke Hagler / 11-26-23

One of the major hurdles to overcome in understanding salvation by grace, is the sovereignty of God. God’s children usually agree that God is sovereign in general terms. But when we get into the details of His sovereign authority to choose whomever He will to receive salvation, this is when it becomes more difficult to digest. In this message, Brother Luke looks at the truth of God’s sovereignty in salvation.


The Victory of Faith and Worship part 1 / Tim McCool / 11-19-23

In the Life of David series, I come to the 19th recorded time that Saul tried to destroy David. How could a person make it through that much trauma? It is likely that 10 years have now passed since David faced off with Goliath. In this message, I begin to look at what enabled David to make it through such troubled times.

The Authority of God’s Word / Luke Hagler / 11-19-23

What is the basis for our beliefs? Some use their experience, or feelings, or science – the list can go on. If we let the word of God be the authority on which we base our beliefs, it is life changing. In this message, Brother Luke begins a series on what we believe. And the starting point for our beliefs must be the authority of God’s word.


The Death of 2 Great Men / Tim McCool / 11-12-23

In the life of David series, we come to the death of 2 great men, who were great for very different reasons. I Samuel 25 opens with the death of the great man Samuel – last of the Judges, arguably one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament. The chapter closes with the death of another great man – Nabal. But Nabal was only great in the sense that he had many possessions, many cattle and much land. As a person, Nabal wicked and cruel. In this message, I look at how David’s life intertwined with these 2 men.


Forbearance / Luke Hagler / 11-12-23

Forbearance is not a common word today. For the child of God, it should be. Forbearance means to hold back, or to put up with. The opposite of forbearance is to express intolerance towards another. In a time when churches seem to be crumbling everywhere, Brother Luke preaches a needed message about how we should practice forbearance, for the sake of peace and to glorify our Lord.


Overcoming Evil with Good / Tim McCool / 11-5-23

In the life of David series, I come to an amazing account of providence. Urged on by his own men to kill Saul, David is faced with getting ahead of God’s will, and possibly committing a horrible crime. Instead, David chooses to stand on the promises of God and overcome evil with good. This is a pattern for all of God’s children to follow.


Strengthening Each Other in God / Tim McCool / 10-29-31

Sometimes encouragement comes from the most unusual sources. David experienced that firsthand while he was on the run from Saul. In this message, I look at how Saul’s own son Jonathan, came to encourage David. It took great effort and personal risk for Jonathan to do this, and we should follow this kind of example in how we encourage each other.

Beware of the Scare / Luke Hagler / 10-29-23

The word “gospel” means good news. A great majority of the tactics used in the religious world are scare tactics. But that is not good news. The gospel should never be something that strikes fear in the heart of a child of God but should be good news. In this message, Brother Luke warns about such scare tactics.


The God of All Possibilities / Tim McCool / 10-22-23

There are decrees of God that no power can prevent. But there are countless possibilities that we all face when making decisions in our lives, and God knows them all. Thankfully our eternal salvation is a not a possibility, but a reality. As God’s children, we should be seeking the best possibilities for our lives. David experienced this when he was on the run from Saul. The sovereignty of God doesn’t just encompass the things that do happen, but all of the possibilities that could happen. This should enable us to have a more magnified view of God.


Doing Things God’s Way / Luke Hagler / 10-22-23

If I told you the dumbest thing I had ever done was smarter than the smartest thing you ever did – you would feel insulted. But God’s word tells us that the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men. And if God’s “foolishness” is wiser than the wisest man, wouldn’t it be better to listen to God? In this message, Brother Luke shows how doing things God’s way is better than anyone else’s way, including our own.


Hiding in the Praises of God / Tim McCool / 10-15-23

David the king goes from running scared and acting like a madman, to hiding in a cave and eventually a forest. In both instances we find David penning beautiful, Holy Spirit-inspired psalms of praise. He was literally hiding, but he was also hiding in the praises of God. This is a lesson for us when we are running scared. The Lord is always praiseworthy, and we can hide in His praises no matter our circumstance.

Congregational Singing / Anniversary Meeting / Individual Tracks

Lord Lead Me On

O When Shall I See Jesus

When I Go Home

Cast Down But Not Destroyed

Biblical Faith

Day by Day

Life Eternal


Where is Your Faith?

I’ll Fly Away

Who Am I?

Where the Soul Never Dies

Oh Christ He is the Fountain

How Great Thou Art

Remember / Tim Lawrence / 10-8-23

In the final message of the Anniversary meeting, Lic. Tim Lawrence, who is a member of Bethel PBC in Nashville, TN, preaches about God remembering us. We often forget things on a daily basis. We can even forget about the Lord at times. But it is comforting to know that the Lord will never forget us – He remembers His covenant and His children.


The 10 Virgins / Danny Wisner / 10-7-23

In the 2nd message of the anniversary meeting, Elder Danny Wisner, pastor of Irwinville PBC in Irwinville, GA, preaches a message about the 10 virgins in Matthew 25. Taking an often-misunderstood section of scripture, Bro. Danny brings out the clear teaching on this subject – that all of the 10 represent children of God.


Congregational Singing / Anniversary Meeting / October 2023

We experienced a joyous time of worship recently in the Anniversary Meeting at Bethlehem. I wanted to share with you a selection of songs from the various song services during that time of festive celebration of our Lord and Savior.


The following is a link for the individual songs:

Congregational Singing / Anniversary Meeting / Individual Tracks – Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church (

Praise from a Cave part 2 / Tim McCool / 10-1-23

In part 2 of Praise from a Cave, I continue to look at the beautiful Psalm that David preached from a cave, following a close call with death. In the strangest of places and out of the deepest of despair, the Lord showed David that He was with David no matter where he went.

Prevent, Suffer or Recover pt.3 / Luke Hagler / 10-1-23

When we prevent ourselves from giving in to temptation, it keeps us from much suffering. But when we give in, we suffer. Thankfully that is not the end. The Lord extends great mercy to great sinners. In this message, Brother Luke concludes the series on prevent, suffer, and recover. He looks at 3 amazing examples where disciples made huge mistakes. Even though they thought God was through with them, His mercy proved otherwise.

Praise from a Cave / Tim McCool / 9-24-23

After a near death experience in Gath, David finally started listening to the Lord. He went from running away from Saul in fear, fleeing into the land of the enemy, then finally finding rest in the strangest of places – a cave. There the Lord blessed David with clarity of mind, insight and direction, in a place we would least likely expect. But that is the way the Lord works.

Prevent, Suffer or Recover pt. 2 / Luke Hagler / 9-24-23

In the next message on prevent, suffer, and recover, we see how we can suffer tremendous consequences as a result of not preventing sin. It would be much more honoring to God to suffer for serving the Lord, rather than for giving in to temptation.  The cycle of preventing, suffering and recovering is something we all deal with. In this message, Brother Luke focuses on the suffering we experience for not preventing sin.

The Land of the Enemy / Tim McCool / 9-17-23

With a belly full of holy bread and traveling with a pack of lies, David the King took the weapon of his vanquished foe, then fled into the land of the enemy. He took refuge in the last place he should have ever considered. But like David, this is what we often do – we flee to the land of the enemy, thinking there is refuge there. In this message, I continue the series on the life of David.


Prevent, Suffer or Recover / Luke Hagler / 9-17-23

If we are honest, we will find ourselves sometimes preventing the consequences of sin by listening to wise counsel, while at other times we fail to make good decisions and suffer the consequences of our sins. And even in those situations when we suffer, God’s mercy often spares us further suffering and we recover. To prevent, to suffer or to recover – this is an ongoing cycle we experience. In this message, Brother Luke focuses on the preventing part.


Don’t Use the Weapons of the Enemy / Tim McCool / 9-10-23

In the Life of David series, I look at David as he lies to the priest, eats the holy bread, and takes the sword of Goliath to defend himself. In a strange twist of irony, David somehow thinks that the sword of the vanquished giant, that did not protect Goliath from David’s stone, will now protect David! This is how we often think. We will quickly run to things of this world that are no protection for the child of God.


God Setteth the Solitary In Families / Luke Hagler / 9-10-23

When a man and a woman are married, in God’s eyes they become one. This is a mystery, as they are still two separate people. But the Lord is able to create a unity that did not exist before. This is true for marriages, families and churches. In this message, Brother Luke looks at how the solitary are set in families – how we go from alone to united.

Trusting in God’s Providence / Tim McCool / 9-3-23

The providence of God in our lives is amazing. But we often miss it or even miss out on it, when we fail to recognize his power and His Presence. In this message, using the example of David, I speak about the providence of God and look at how it works in our lives.


Pressing Into the Kingdom / Luke Hagler / 9-3-23

The kingdom of God is mentioned over and over again in the New Testament. Most of the time it is referred to as something relative to here and now, and not exclusively heaven. In this message, Brother Luke relates how we are expected to press into the kingdom here and now.


The Dangers of Fame / Tim McCool / 8-27-23

David went from shepherd boy to anointed king, from nobody to somebody, from zero to hero. After the Lord blessed him, as the true king of Israel, to defeat Goliath, many pitfalls and snares came to him through his fame. I believe this a very timely today, when so many desire to be influencers and famous. This message is called “The Dangers of Fame.”


Is the Will of God Always Done? / Luke Hagler / 8-27-23

Some believe every event that happens, no matter how confusing or tragic it may be, is somehow the will of God. But does the Bible teach this? On the contrary, wicked acts and tragedies occur that are clearly contrary to the will of God. Certain decreed events, like the sacrifice of Christ, will occur without interference, but if we are honest with ourselves, we often find our daily walk in contradiction with God’s will. In this message, Brother Luke explains this subject, which impacts our daily fellowship with the Lord.


The True Meaning of Romans 8:28 / Luke Hagler / 8-21-23

Probably the most misunderstood verse in the Bible is Romans 8:28. The true meaning of this verse provides the greatest assurance a child of God can have. But it is not what the majority of God’s children understand it to mean. In this message, Brother Luke preaches on the true meaning of Romans 8:28.


The Shepherd Boy King / Tim McCool / 8-13-23

The account of David and Goliath is one of the most well-known events in the Bible. There is an image in our minds of a shepherd boy facing off against a 10-foot-tall giant. David was probably closer to 18, but regardless, Goliath was a frightening opponent. In this message, I look at the reality of what was really going on that day when the great face-off occurred.


The Solitary Shepherd Boy / Tim McCool / 8-6-23

David’s life was an open book. As one of the most written about characters in the Bible, there is little that we do not know. In fact, we learn more about David’s early life than even Jesus. There are great lessons to learn from the life of David. In this message, I look at the early life of the solitary shepherd boy.


Seeing Each Other / Tim McCool / 7-30-23

It is important how we see each other. All through the Bible, there are examples of seeing others incorrectly. The Lord always sees us in the right way, and we should strive to see each other as the Lord sees us. In this sermon, I look at the various ways that people viewed the blind man in John 9, including after he was healed. But Jesus saw him the right way.


Who are You Going to Call? / Luke Hagler / 7-30-23

When difficult times come, usually we call for help or aid from a lot of sources. But the Lord is so often the last one we call. The truth is, that we should call upon the Lord first, because He is the One most able to help us. In this message, Brother Luke looks at the subject, “Who Are You Going to Call?”

We Believe in the Resurrection / Tim McCool / 7-23-23

In this message, I look at the last article of faith. An old saying goes like this: “You saved the best for last.” There is no way to rank these truths, but in a way, this last article of faith may be considered as the best, just because it will happen at the last – at the end. Truly, the resurrection is the greatest hope we have. Here I look at our belief in the great culmination of all of time – the resurrection at the end of time.

Comfort In Suffering / McNeil Honea / 7-23-23

In this message, Brother McNeil looks at examples in the scripture of how God comforts us in the midst of suffering. Life is filled with trouble and trials. Some of it we bring on ourselves, but when we suffer for serving the Lord, there is a comfort that the Lord brings to us, if we are looking to the God of all comfort.


God’s Funeral Festival / Tim McCool / 7-16-23

In the fundamentals of the faith series, I come to the 2nd ordinance – The Lord’s Supper. In contrast to the public baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ, this 2nd ordinance was more private and intimate. After the conclusion of the Passover meal, Jesus implemented His own funeral festival – the sacred observance of his death, burial and resurrection.


The Song of Fools / Luke Hagler / 7-16-23

Ecclesiastes 7:5 gives us good advice: It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools. The songs of fools are everywhere, and not just in the form of actual music and singing. In this message, Brother Luke teaches how we should resist listening to unwise counsel, which is a form of the song of fools.


Solomon’s Spiritual Investment Strategy / McNeil Honea / 7-9-23

To cast bread upon the water goes against nature. But the Lord commands this in Ecclesiastes, and it will yield a significant return if He blesses. The mystery of the kingdom of God often seems illogical, but our Lord often moves in ways that defy logic. In this message, McNeil Honea looks at the Lord’s spiritual investment strategy that was given to Solomon.


Christ the Pursuer / Tim McCool / 7-2-23

In “Christ the Pursuer”, I look at the way Christ pursued us, like a husband pursues his bride. The Lord set the ultimate example of pursuit, in His relentless push to save us from our sins and make us his Holy Bride. On a practical note, Christ set an example for young men today who are pursuing a spouse. In the social media world of texting and messaging, it is often confusing for young ladies to know the true intentions of suitor. Hopefully, there is direction for young men by looking to Christ the Pursuer.


When Doctrine Tests Your Discipleship / Luke Hagler / 7-2-23

Tests of discipleship are many and varied. From dry spiritual seasons to tragedies, from persecution to temptation – there are many ways we encounter tests of our commitment to the Lord. In this message, Brother Luke focuses on an often-overlooked test of discipleship – whether or not we embrace the doctrine of Christ.


The Aftermath of Taking a Stand / Luke Hagler / 6-25-23

In the final message on the taking a stand series, Brother Luke looks at the aftermath of Elijah’s greatest stand. From boldly standing up to the hundreds of prophets of Baal, to running away from Jezebel, Elijah teaches us great lessons about what it means to take a stand.


Time to Take Inventory / Tim McCool / 6-18-23

The word “reckon” in Romans 8:18 means “to take inventory”, like the inventory taken when someone dies. When it comes to suffering for serving our Lord, we should take inventory of our spiritual inheritance through Christ. When compared to the suffering we endure for serving him, they do not belong in the same category.


Running from Jezebel / Luke Hagler / 6-18-23

Shortly after Elijah took an amazing stand against hundreds of false prophets, we find him running from one woman – Jezebel. In this message, Brother Luke observes the astonishing way in which Elijah went from a literal mountain top experience, to running from Jezebel and having suicidal thoughts under a juniper tree.


The Beginning of Barley Harvest / Tim McCool / 6-11-23

Every word in the Bible is important and inspired by the Holy Spirit. There are no wasted words by the Lord. It is significant that the Lord tells us Ruth and Naomi arrived back in Bethlehem in the beginning of barley harvest. In this message, I look at why this was so important for them, and for us to understand even today.


Two Dangerous People / Tim McCool / 6-4-23

Over 100 life application topics are covered in the book of Proverbs. There can be no doubt that God’s Word speaks to any issue we may encounter. In this message, I take a look at 2 dangerous people that we are warned about in the Proverbs – the evil man and the strange woman.


The Great Competition / Luke Hagler / 5-28-23

In the ongoing series on “taking a stand”, Brother Luke comes to the pivotal point in Elijah’s life that defined him as a prophet, who was not afraid to take a stand. In the great competition that took place before the king and all the nation, Elijah, hopelessly outnumbered, faces down the prophets of Baal in a showdown for the ages.


Try the Spirits / Tim McCool / 5-21-23

There are many spirits in the world. This does not just refer to demons and angels. At a football game there is the spirit of enthusiasm, or watching a movie can convey a spirit to a person, especially if it is a scary movie. When someone consumes too much alcohol, the spirit of the alcohol affects them. Basically, a spirit can be something that animates us. In this context, is the spirit that animates us good or bad? In this message, I take a look at what it means to try the spirits.


Don’t Forget Obadiah / Luke Hagler / 5-14-23

In the ongoing series on Elijah, Brother Luke Hagler presents the next message. In the coming storm the prophet would face, the Lord was equipping Elijah. Obadiah was one of the encouragers sent by the Lord to strengthen him. In the coming days, Elijah would need to remember this experience. Like Elijah, we often forget the encouragers the Lord sends our way.


Faith and the Gospel / Luke Hagler / 5-10-23

It seems that one of the most confusing issues in Christendom, is the relationship between faith and the gospel. Does the gospel impart faith to a child of God when it is preached? Many believe this, but the scripture teaches something quite different. In this message, Brother Luke presents the Bible teaching about the connection between faith and the gospel.


Returning to the Garden / Michael Gowens / 5-7-23

In the Sunday morning message of the annual meeting, Michael Gowens presents “Returning to the Garden.” The creation of the world began with our fore-parents in a garden, where paradise was lost to all of mankind. And our eternal deliverance back to the paradise of heaven occurred in a garden, when Christ arose. Until we reach the garden city of heaven, there are ways in which we, by the grace of God, can return to the garden of the Lord.

Returning to the Garden / Michael Gowens / 5-7-23

In the Sunday morning message of the annual meeting, Michael Gowens presents “Returning to the Garden.” The creation of the world began with our fore-parents in a garden, where paradise was lost to all of mankind. And our eternal deliverance back to the paradise of heaven occurred in a garden, when Christ arose. Until we reach the garden city of heaven, there are ways in which we, by the grace of God, can return to the garden of the Lord.

Suffering for His Name / Josh Coker / 5-6-23

In the last message of the day, Josh Coker presents the subject of suffering for the name of Christ. In order to suffer for serving God, a child of God must have a proper perspective of life. Jesus taught us to be of good cheer, even when mistreated. The only way we can do this is to understand that life is not about us, but about God’s glory.


Identifying the Cults / Michael Gowens / 5-6-23

In the afternoon service of the meeting, Michael Gowens presents 3 characteristics to look for when identifying a cult. This is a pressing need for God’s children to identify such groups, especially when they masquerade as Christ-based. The 3 identifying factors are 1) unaccountable leadership, 2) a mistaken view of who God is, and 3) false teaching about how we are saved.


Is There Not a Cause? / Josh Coker / 5-6-23

In our present age, there is a great lack of direction, a lack of purpose for God’s children. When David arrived at the battlefield – where Goliath was blaspheming the name of God – he asked, is there not a cause? God’s people need a cause, and not just any cause, but a cause that is higher than themselves. People without purpose live without hope. In this message Josh Coker, pastor of Vestavia PBC, looks at the greatest cause a child of God can have.


Called, Sanctified, Regenerated / Tim McCool / 4-30-23

In this message, I look at Article 6 of Zion PBC. This is one of the truths that draws a clear line from all other teachings. The new birth occurs to every single chosen child of God, but there is confusion on how it happens. Here I look at what the Bible teaches about it, which is what practically all Baptists embraced in years gone by! And if we embrace this truth about God’s sovereignty, one can only conclude that all glory belongs to God in the new birth!


Remember the Widow / Luke Hagler / 4-30-23

In the ongoing series on taking a stand, Brother Luke looks at the next miraculous event in the life of Elijah the prophet. As Elijah experienced more and more of the provision of God in hostile and dangerous times, he collected more and more tools to use in the future. In this situation, Elijah would no doubt look back and remember the widow of Zarephath.


The Sun Sets on the Old Covenant / Tim McCool / 4-26-23

In the final message of the Minor Prophet series, I look at the last verses of the book of Malachi. The prophet used beautiful imagery to describe the rising of the Sun of righteousness with healing in his wings. The future sunrise of the Messiah pointed to the sun set on the old covenant.


War Is No Picnic / Tim McCool / 4-23-23

This is a time of spiritual warfare. If we think we can sit on the sideline and watch as the war rages, we are kidding ourselves. The culture wars that are raging before our very eyes will affect us now or later. In this message, I look at the pressing need that is upon us as Christians to recognize the war, and to get into the fight.

A Brother Offended / Tim McCool / 4-16-23

In a recent message, I talked about how the things we say can offend others. In this message, I take a look at the brother offended – the one who has been hurt by the words or actions of another. The Lord provides clear and simple instruction about how to deal with being offended, and this is one of the tests of being a true disciple.


Remember the Ravens / Luke Hagler / 4-16-23

Continuing a series on taking a stand, Brother Luke looks in depth at the ministry of Elijah the prophet. In this message, he brings out the miraculous way that God sustained Elijah in a time of famine – an amazing providence that Elijah no doubt looked back on and remembered the ravens.


Are We Robbing God? / Tim McCool / 4-12-23

Can a man rob God? This is an interesting question posed by the last of the minor prophets, Malachi. While this is normally used in the sad context of those who would fleece the flock to give more money, the true context penetrates a deeper level than simply the giving of money. In this message, I take a look at the question Malachi asked.


Sticks and Stones / Tim McCool / 4-9-23

A popular children’s saying goes like this: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. This is a lie. In the time we live, we see words – especially online – that can have the effect of leading someone to tragically take their own life. In this message, I look at the wise old Proverbs to help us understand the tremendous impact of our words.


Taking a Stand / Luke Hagler / 4-9-23

Now is the time in history when disciples of Christ must take a stand for truth. It is not the time to be silent, but in a loving, firm way, make the truth known in our lives and conversations. In this message, Brother Luke looks at how men and women through the years were able to take firm stands in the face of overwhelming political oppositions.


The Bible Commitment Challenge / Tim McCool / 4-2-23

There are different challenges we can take in the Bible. These challenges have to do with how much we trust the Lord or not. In this message, I present the Bible Commitment Challenge, which is a guaranteed way to clear up our thinking.


The Lord Feeds in the Wilderness / McNeil Honea / 4-2-23

One of the greatest accounts of the miracles of Christ is the feeding of the 5000. With very little money, a tiny amount of food, and no natural way to feed such a multitude, the Lord was not deterred. In this message, Brother McNeil Honea preaches about the ways in which the Lord even today feeds us in the wilderness that we encounter.

Are God’s People Always Godly? / Luke Hagler / 3-26-23

Sinners are going to sin. And sometimes sinners saved by grace will go off in directions that makes them appear as though they are not children of God. But the Lord has given us promises that cannot fail. In this message, Brother Luke brings the truth of God’s faithfulness to bear in the sad circumstance of wayward children of God.


Whose Opinion Matters? / McNeil Honea / 3-26-23

When news is presented to us, there are multiple opinions given on how the news is to be interpreted. Most commonly we see a liberal or conservative take on the news. But when it comes to figuring out truth, whose opinion matters? In this message, Lic. McNeil Honea addresses this question.


Malachi’s Message to Ministers / Tim McCool / 3-22-23

In the next message on the minor prophets, I look at Malachi’s message to ministers. The Old Testament “minister” was the priest, who was given the charge of the spiritual welfare of the people. But God was not pleased with the way the ministry was handling itself. God’s message through Malachi to the ministry should ring true to the ministry today.

How Change Works / Tim McCool / 3-19-23


In last week’s message I spoke about the need for change in a child of God’s life. This week I take a look at how change works. There are 2 primary lessons taught about what change looks like – to renovate our thinking and to refresh our minds. In this message, I speak about how this plays out for us when we change.


Snares / Luke Hagler / 3-19-23

A snare is a way to trap a small animal without the animal knowing it. As the noose of the snare tightens and the animal realizes it is trapped, it will struggle, which only tightens the noose of the snare. Satan is the great snare-layer for God’s people. In this message, Brother Luke takes a look at how we can become snared before we realize it.


Change / Tim McCool / 3-12-23

Ever heard the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well, that phrase is not in the Bible. Young or old, born-again children of God need to change. It is not a one-time act, but an ongoing life of repentance – turning and changing from the course of sin we so often follow. In this message, I take a look at some examples of those who changed, or repented, from the way they were thinking and acting.


God is Not a Concept / Luke Hagler / 3-12-23

Is God a concept to us or can He actually be felt by us today? Is He relatable and touchable? Obviously, no one can put hands on Jesus like the Apostles could, but does that limit God to a mere concept? In this message, Brother Luke helps us to see that we can feel God, and He is not just a concept.



Malachi’s Monument to Mercy / Tim McCool / 3-8-23

Many Christians ask questions of God, as if He is failing to do something for them. But the Lord has already taken care of all our needs by dying on the cross for our sins. In the days of Malachi the prophet, the people of Israel were asking similar inappropriate questions. In this message from the book of Malachi, I look at Malachi’s Monument to Mercy, which is God’s answer to the off-base questions they had about Him.

It’s Just Music / Tim McCool / 3-5-23

Music is everywhere. From gas station pumps to crowded restaurants, it seems our lives are set to music. Some say that music is just a personal preference and really has no impact. But the truth is God created music, so it belongs to Him. And we are kidding ourselves if we think music has no impact. In this message, I take a look at music from a Biblical view, and consider the impact music has on all of us – good or bad.


The Law of Life / Luke Hagler / 3-5-23

The Apostle Paul said that if there had been a law you could keep to get to heaven, it would have been the law given to Moses. But that was not the purpose of the law and there is no way to keep a law in order to go to heaven. Rather, we live under the law of life in Christ. In this message, Brother Luke explains how the only way to make it to heaven is by the Lord keeping the law for us.


From Worry to Wonder / Tim McCool / 2-26-23

The writer of Psalm 77 was overwhelmed with worry. In seeking God, he found no relief. But he continued to seek the Lord, and eventually found what he needed. If the Psalmist had stopped seeking, he would never have experienced the glory of the Lord and relief from his worry. In this message, I look at how we can all go from worry to wonder, just like the Psalmist.

The Graphic Gospel of Zechariah / Tim McCool / 2-22-23

In this message, I look at the prophecies of Jesus in the book of Zechariah. The prophecies are descriptive and graphic, and cover only about a 40-50 day time frame in the life of Jesus. One could almost consider portions of Zechariah as the “5th” gospel. I call this message “The Graphic Gospel of Zechariah.”


Spiritual Benchmarks / McNeil Honea / 2-19-23

A benchmark is a point of reference. We often use benchmarks to assess and see where we are. In this message, Brother McNeil Honea speaks about “Spiritual Benchmarks,” as a way to assess our spiritual walk and see what out goals are and where we are.


Getting Your Hands on Jesus / Tim McCool / 2-19-23

It seemed hopeless and pointless for wealthy Joseph of Arimathea. The Christ was dead, and even though he had not consented to the wicked deeds of the Sanhedrin, there was nothing he could do now. But as he gazed upon the dead Messiah, hanging bloodied and lifeless on the cross – one burning thought came to his mind – how to get his hands on the dead body of Jesus. In this message, I look at the lengths he went to in order to get his hands on Jesus.


Kitchen Table Evangelism / Tim McCool / 2-12-23

At the end of all things, Jesus will not discuss doctrine. This does not mean doctrine is not important, but when we arrive at the fulfillment of Matthew 25, everyone at that point will believe the same thing! Rather, Jesus will talk about events that occured during our lives that involved Him. Interestingly, at least 2 (and arguably 3) of the 6 things he speaks of, involve the table. In this message, I look at the important of “Kitchen Table Evangelism.”


The Rising of Zerah / Luke Hagler / 2-12-23

When things are going good, we don’t usually give much thought about things going bad. But we should be preparing for bad times, when things are going good. In this message, Brother Luke looks at the great example of Asa, who fortified the defenses of the nation during a time of national peace.


The Branch Beats Babylon / Tim McCool / 2-8-23

In this message I continue to look at the 10 visions of Zechariah. The prophet was inundated with 10 visions in a single night. The theme of the visions continues to compare the city of Babylon with the city of God. And, as usual, the city of God ultimately prevails. I entitle this message “The Branch beats Babylon.”


A Path in the Sea / Tim McCool / 2-5-23

With the powerful Egyptian army bearing down on them, positioned between two mountain ranges in a mouth-like gorge that opened onto the shore of the Red Sea, the children of Israel seemed to be in dire straits. But the Lord had placed them right where he wanted them, so he could spring his trap on Pharoah. In this message, I look at the ways we often find ourselves trapped, but the Lord provides a path that is unexpected.


The Brand and the Branch / Tim McCool / 1-25-23

In the minor prophet series, I continue to look at Zechariah’s 10 visions. In a time of political and cultural turmoil, Zechariah’s visions from God were mysterious but encouraging, ominous yet enlightening. In this message I look at the 4th and 5th visions – the Brand and the Branch.


Lessons from Lot / Tim McCool / 1-22-23

The men of Sodom gathered at the door of Lot and made demands. They were no different than the woke culture today. The main difference today is that Sodom is already inside our homes in the form of social media and television. If we are not aware of Sodom’s demands today, we have already given up the fight. In this message I look at a very clear, but somehow difficult subject for us to comprehend in our culture today.


Justified / Tim McCool / 1-15-23

Justification is a theme throughout the Bible. Job of old asked, “…how should man be just with God.?” To be just means to be innocent, and Solomon declared there is not a just man on the earth. In the articles of faith series, I take a look at the truth of how we are declared innocent, or justified, only by the work of Christ.


The Night Visions of Zechariah / Tim McCool / 1-11-23

The next minor prophet I consider is Zechariah. He prophesied during the rebuilding of the temple, and his message is thick with Messianic foreshadowing. The title of this first message on the minor prophet is called “The Night Visions of Zechariah.”


Original Sin / Tim McCool / 1-8-23

In this message I look at origins, or, where we come from. In strong contrast with all other creation myths, the Hebrew creation account has a simplicity and confidence derived from a rugged monotheism (one God), as opposed to the polytheistic (many gods) legends of all other cultures. And perhaps the greatest origin myth is evolution, with the absence of any god. When we see the beauty and common sense of our true origin, we can come to no other conclusion than all glory to God.


The Weight of Worry / Luke Hagler / 1-8-23

This is a message that applies across the board to everyone. We all worry to some degree or another. Worry is a burden that can press us down into very dark places. But thankfully, our merciful Lord knows this, and has given us ample ways to deal with worry. In this message, Brother Luke presents healthy, Biblical ways to lighten the weight of worry.


We Believe in Election / Tim McCool / 1-1-23

In the fundamentals of the faith series, I take a look at the 3rd Article of Faith. Possibly the most controversial of all the articles, but without a doubt the most revealing of the heart of our merciful Lord, I consider the Bible truths of election and predestination. By using 2 notable examples, I trust that sinners saved by grace can understand why we must be chosen to be saved.

Gifts / Luke Hagler / 12-28-22

The Lord is a gift giver. As if the gift of eternal life through his Son was not enough, God gives more gifts. And every child of God has a gift. How are we using the gift God has given us? Do we even know the gift we have? In this message, Brother Luke preaches about gifts, and encourages us to recognize and use the gift we have from the Lord.


The Lord is Faithful to His Promises / Luke Hagler / 12-25-22

In the Christmas Day message, Brother Luke presents a stirring message of how the Lord is faithful to His promises. Abraham waiting over 25 years for the promised son. David waited around 15 years to take the throne promised to him. And the virgin Mary faced obstacle after obstacle in standing on the promise of salvation coming through the child she bore. But they waited – and God was faithful then to His promise, just as He is today to us.

The Faithfulness of Jesus / Luke Hagler / 12-18-22

The faceoff between the armies of Israel and the Philistines in I Samuel 16 is a classic scene. A giant came out to defy God’s army and no man had the courage to face him. But David, a mere boy, accepted the challenge. He was faithful to the Lord. In this message, Brother Luke looks at this example and shows how the Super David – Jesus – was faithful to win the victory.


Respect of Persons / Luke Hagler / 12-14-22

It is important to know how to rightly divide the word of God. To rightly divide means to interpret and understand passages of scripture in a way that does not take away, add to or subtract from the context and meaning. In this message, Brother Luke shows how this works as he looks at the subject of “Respect of Persons.”


Fundamentals of the Faith: the 3 in 1 God / Tim McCool / 12-11-22

This past Sunday, I began a new series entitled “The Fundamentals of the Faith.” Long ago when a church was formed, it would have a basic set of beliefs laid out to which all the founding members agreed. Sadly, this is often forgotten today. Bethlehem was established in 1901 as an extension from Zion church, established in 1847. In this first message, I look at the first article of faith of Zion – “The 3 in 1 God.”

Men After God’s Own Heart / Tim McCool / 11-20-22

David was described as a man after God’s own heart. What does this mean and how does it impact men, young men and boys who are striving to be Godly. In this message, I take a look at the background and context of why David was referred to as a man after God’s own heart.


Do We See Jesus? / Tim McCool / 11-13-22

There is much darkness in the world today. It can be hard to push back against the darkness. In this message, I examine the best way to push back against the darkness – by looking to the greatest Light that has ever existed. Are we looking at the Lord? Do we see Jesus?


Repentance Revives a Nation / Luke Hagler / 11-13-22

In a timely message following the November elections, Brother Luke presents the reality of what revives a nation. To think we can merely cast a vote and cause change misses the point. Of course we should vote for people who line up with Biblical principles, but at the same time, true revival comes from repentance in our homes.


Haggai part 2 – the Right People / Tim McCool / 11-9-22

In the next message from Haggai, I take a look at what was going on during the rebuilding of the temple after the 70 years of captivity. In a direct fulfillment of God’s sovereign design, the little band of Jews were the right people in the right place, doing the right work for the right reasons.

Where Is Your Treasure? / Tim McCool / 11-6-22

It is not possible to treasure things, without putting our heart into those things, or being emotionally tied to them. It can be activities, status, people, accolades – the list is endless. In our materialistic society, we treasure so many things that let us down. But in treasuring spiritual things, the Lord will never let us down. In this message, I take a look at what it means to treasure things.

Is Your Stomach Growling? / Luke Hagler / 11-6-22

The Lord knows our motives. When Jesus fed the multitude in John 6, they sought him the next day only because their stomachs were growling. Jesus knew why they were there, and they were not sincerely seeking Him. In this message Brother Luke looks at the issue of our motives, and asks us the question, “Is your stomach growling?”


The Rubble, the Remnant, the Rebuilding / Tim McCool / 10-26-22

As we come to the minor prophet Haggai, it is quite a different situation than with the other minor prophets. Haggai’s prophecy follows the Babylonian captivity, after 70 years of exile in Babylon, after the thriving nations of Israel and Judah were completely destroyed by God. A small band of burdened believers brave the wilderness to accomplish God’s desire – to rebuild.


Take Heed Lest You Fall / Luke Hagler / 10-23-22

It only takes a moment to fall. When we put ourselves in certain positions, we are more prone to fall. Like David being at home when he should have been at the battle, or Peter spouting off before he took time to think about what he was saying – we can quickly make a place for temptation and the next thing you know we fall. In this message, Brother Luke looks at guarding against falling.


Cursed to Lead / Tim McCool / 10-23-22

God created Adam to lead, but when he disobeyed God’s one command, he was cursed. Part of the curse involved what he was created to do. Now instead of Adam enjoying the blessing of why he was created, he was cursed by God to lead. This is the next sermon in the Godly Ladies and Gentlemen series.

We are the Temple / Luke Hagler / 10-9-22

In the OT, the temple was a holy place. In the NT, the temple became a more localized place – the body of the child of God where the Holy Spirit in-dwells. Of course, the Lord has been in-dwelling His people for ages, but the gospel age ushered in an understanding of this like never before. And the new temple (our body) is to be a holy place. In this message, Brother Luke looks at what it means to keep our temples holy.


Make Room for the Prophet / Tim McCool / 9-25-22

In the Ladies & Gentlemen series, I take up the subject of the great Shunemite woman of the OT. As one of the greatest women mentioned in scripture, what was it that made her so great? In this message I look at what was perhaps her greatest quality – she made room for the prophet of God.


Ladies First / Tim McCool / 9-11-22

Are there any Godly ladies and gentlemen left in the world? In a culture that celebrates the crude and rude, Biblical virtue in men and women is all but lost. In this message, I begin to look at the characteristics of Godly ladies and gentlemen – based on the Bible and not opinions of etiquette. In the nature of gentlemanliness, the first message is Ladies First.


Push Away the Pork Chop / Luke Hagler / 9-11-22

The word of God has non-debatable issues that are crystal clear. Like homosexuality, adultery, fornication… but there are areas of Christian liberty that we must handle rightly and carefully. In this message, Brother Luke presents an accurate and God-honoring way to approach issues that may fall under Christian liberty.


Pentecost – the Ongoing Festival / Tim McCool / 9-4-22

In the next message on the God of the Festival series, I take a look at the concluding festival of the Jewish spring festive cycle, the Feast of the Pentecost. This final festival of spring still impacts us in a tremendous way today.


Don’t Forget the Mercy of God / Luke Hagler / 9-4-22

When a father first hears their child say “Daddy”, it has a unique, special meaning. But as years go by, those same children grow up and call upon their father as “Daddy” again and again. As years go by, being called Dad again and again loses the effect that it had the very first time. We grow dull of hearing and forget how special it was. In this message, Brother Luke exhorts us to never forget the uniqueness of the mercy of God.


Dry Places / Tim McCool / 8-28-22

The man who repented in Matthew 12 did not follow through to ensure his repentance. He went to dry places, or a desert, to find water and nourishment. Because he went to dry places, he wound up in a worst state than before. It is important that God’s children understand what spiritually dry places are. In this message, I take a look at dry places.


The Wonder Wonder of God / Tim McCool / 8-24-22

I continue in the minor prophet series by looking at the book of Habakkuk. Although it is a short book, Habakkuk is filled with glorious truth. The title of this sermon is not a misprint, but it is “The Wonder Wonder of God,” based on God’s statement in Habakkuk 1:5.


Greater / Luke Hagler / 8-21-22

If a child of God is willing to follow the Lord in discipleship, there is no doubt he or she will encounter suffering. This seems to be a strange selling point – Come follow the Lord and suffer. And yet, we are guaranteed to experience greater things with the Lord when we lay down our comforts to follow him. In this message, Brother Luke looks at greater things we will experience.


The Drowning Effect of Envy / Tim McCool / 8-14-22

In an interesting irony, we find that Proverbs 27:4 is the anti-type of I Corinthians 13:13. Just as charity is the greatest of 3 (faith, hope, charity), so envy is also the greatest of 3 (wrath, anger, envy). In this message, I take a look at the terrible effect of envy, or jealousy, as we more often call it.


The Doom of Nineveh / Tim McCool / 8-10-22

Years after Jonah angrily wished for the doom of Nineveh, it finally happened. Nahum is the next minor prophet I look at and it is startling how he prophesied of the specifics of the final destruction of a world power. Where is Nineveh today?


Feast of the Firstfruits / Tim McCool / 8-7-22

In the God of the Festival series, I take a look at the next Jewish feast that occurred in the spring – the Feast of the Firstfruits. Set within the feast of unleavened bread week, the feast of firstfruits is yet another great and glorious foreshadowing of the ultimate Firstfruit that was to come – the Lord Jesus Christ.


Exceeding Abundantly Above / Luke Hagler / 8-7-22

The Lord is not only able to do what we ask in prayer, He is also able to do things that go beyond what we think or ask. This defies logic, but He can and sometimes does go beyond what our minds can comprehend. In this message, Brother Luke looks at the meaning of Ephesians 3:20.


Micah’s Messianic Messages / Tim McCool / 7-27-22

In the minor prophet series, we come to the book of Micah. Laced with beautiful Messianic prophecies, 700 or so years before the Christ, Micah follows the pattern of the other minor prophets. There are warnings to a dying society, and the Lord gives glorious hope of a brighter future.


The Feast of Unleavened Bread / Tim McCool / 7-24-22

In the spring festival calendar of Israel, on the heels of the Passover feast was the feast of unleavened bread. In the next message in the God of the Festival series, I take a look at the week-long celebration known as the Feast of Unleavened Bread.


God of the Festival: Passover / Tim McCool / 7-17-22

The next message in the God of the Festival series is Passover. Perhaps the most significant, but at least the festival that initiates the spring festival season, the Passover holy day is important to understand. In this sermon, I take a look at the meaning of the Passover.


Jonah Goes to Worm School / Tim McCool / 7-13-22

As a recap of the messages on the minor prophet Jonah, I looked at Jonah going to whale school, Jonah’s diploma, or graduation from whale school, then Jonah goes to work. In this final message on Jonah, I look at the last tragic event recorded in the stubborn prophet’s life – Jonah Goes to Worm School.

Growing / Luke Hagler / 7-11-22

When we plant and tend a garden, we expect it to grow. And so the Lord expects His children, who have been touched by His grace, to grow. As the garden of the Lord, the people of God should be flourishing and producing fruit. In this message, Bro. Luke speaks about growing as plants in the Lord’s garden.


What Kind of Witness are You? / Luke Hagler / 7-3-22

In order for the testimony of a witness to have any credibility, that witness must be trustworthy. This has to do with how the person conducts themselves. For the Christian, to profess they are a witness to our Lord, then live in a way that doesn’t reflect Jesus, is to lose all credibility as a witness for Christ. In this message, Brother Luke explains how we can be better witnesses for the Lord.

07.03.22.What Kind of Witness Are You.Luke.Hagler

How to Lift Weights / Tim McCool / 6-26-22

Each spring around graduation time, I try to bring a message that ties into our young people who are graduating from high school or college. I recently lost my high school coach to ALS, and in this message, entitled “How to Lift Weights”, I pay tribute to a great, Godly coach who never let a curse word fly, as well as honoring an even Greater Man, the Lord Christ Jesus who has taught us how to handle the burdens of life.

Celebrating the Sabbath with Jesus / Tim McCool / 6-19-22

In the God of the Festival series, I come to the weekly festival, or holy-day, that our festive God built into the Jewish calendar. Every Saturday, or sabbath, was the weekly holiday the Lord established in the Old Testament for the Jews. In this message, I look at the times when Jesus observed His own sabbath, and the reactions that occurred.


Tethered by Tender Mercy / Tim McCool / 6-12-22

Before the world was formed, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit existed in perfect love and unity. There was no dissension, interruption or sin to mar this Existence. Yet when He created man, God’s perfect love somehow reached out to touch ruined sinners who mess up everything they touch. In this message, I take a look at how Christ’s perfect love extends to unworthy, hell-deserving sinners.

A Beautiful Stump / Luke Hagler / 6-5-22

In much of religion today there is a focus on “Look what I have done.” This is the opposite of what the Lord desires, which is for us to “Look at what HE has done.” In this message, Brother Luke preaches about a famous person who decided to focus on what he had done, and he wound up nothing more than a stump.


Is Jesus In Your Way? / Tim McCool / 5-29-22

Do we sometimes find that Jesus gets in our way? When serving the Lord is not convenient, or doesn’t fit in with our own plans? In this message, I take a look at the great blessings we experience when, instead of Jesus getting in our way, we actually walk in the way with Jesus.


Life is a Hallway / Luke Hagler / 5-22-22

Life is like a hallway filled with doors. Each door represents the choices we make. Which door do we choose to enter? Behind each door is success or failure, happiness or sadness, rejoicing or regret. In this message, Brother Luke preaches on how we can make Godly decisions in choosing which doors we enter.

Gather, Scatter, and Scatter to Gather / Tim McCool / 5-14-22

Personal evangelism should be an undercurrent of our lives as disciples. In light of the decline of so many churches today, this is of the utmost importance. There is a clear pattern in the book of Acts on how personal evangelism works. God’s people gather, then they scatter, and when they scatter, they go about gathering other children of God.

Jonah’s Diploma / Tim McCool / 5-11-22

In the 2nd message from Jonah, the stubborn prophet graduates from whale school. Jonah’s diploma was a hard degree to earn, and he went through much affliction while he was in the belly of the whale. May we learn the lesson from Jonah, and not have to endure the harsh education he went through because of his pride.


The Song of the Suffering Servant / Tim McCool / 5-8-22

The book of Isaiah gives 3 primary descriptions of the future Messiah. A coming King and a warring Conqueror were easy for the Israelites to identify with, but stuck in the middle was a shadowy, mysterious figure, known as the suffering Servant. Set in stark contrast to a King and Conqueror, the suffering Servant is presented in the form of a song. In this message, I look at the Song of the Suffering Servant of Isaiah.


Doing It God’s Way / Derrick Kitchens / 5-1-22

On the Sunday morning of the annual meeting, Elder Derrick Kitchens brings the final message of the meeting. Entitled “Doing It God’s Way,” Brother Derrick makes the point of how doing things God’s way may not be the easiest way, but it is the best way.


What is Truth? / Charles Kitchens / 4-30-22

In the afternoon service, Elder Charles Kitchens preaches about truth. Living in modern times, it seems few are concerned about truth, or it may be that one person’s “truth” is different from another’s. It is comforting to know that God is truth, and He never deviates or changes.

Jonah Goes to Whale School / Tim McCool / 4-20-22

In the series on the Minor Prophets, I come to the next minor prophet, who is probably the most well-known. The book of Jonah is only 4 chapters, but is packed with great lessons for us today, as well as one of the most direct references made by Jesus regarding His resurrection.

New Recording 18

Judge Not / Tim McCool / 4-24-22

One of the most well-known verses in the Bible is Mt.7:1. This is the “Judge not” verse. It is often used as a shield to prevent others from passing judgment on sin a person is committing, but the true meaning is much, much different. In this message, I take a look at this verse.


How Baptism Saves Us / Luke Hagler / 4-24-22

In the final message of a series preached by Brother Luke, he continues to look at the ways in which we experience being saved here and now, but not in an eternal way. Here he takes up the subject of how baptism saves us now, and how that is distinct from Jesus saving us eternally.


Kiss the Son / Tim McCool / 4-17-22

The title of this message is “Kiss the Son”, which comes from Psalm 2. This is not a romantic image, but refers to kings, queens, rulers, dictators, and government leaders of the world paying respect to the King of kings, Jesus Christ. In this message, I look at some non-traditional kings of the earth who have foolishly attempted to cast God out of their kingdoms.


How Confession Saves Us part 3 / Luke Hagler / 4-10-22

In continuing a series on timely salvation, Brother Luke brings the last message on what is probably the most misunderstood way in which confession saves us. Romans10 is often referred to as the Roman road of salvation, and this is true, but it is not in an eternal way. In this sermon, Brother Luke looks at the true way in which Romans 10 confession saves us.

The Transforming Power of Suffering / Tim McCool / 4-3-22

In the 2nd message on suffering, I take a look at the transforming power of suffering. Instead of blaming God when we suffer for serving Him, we should rely on the Lord even more Who will see us through such times. This is another sermon in the “Lost Truth” series.


2005 sermon: Accept or Receive? / Tim McCool / 5-25-2005

Here is a sermon I wanted to share from way back in 2005. The well-known idea of “accepting Christ as your personal Savior” has been popular for a long time. But when we look at whether or not this is in the Bible, we may be shocked.  I hope you enjoy this message that looks at the difference between accept and receive, and traces the origin of another spiritual urban legend.


Suffering for Serving pt. 1 / Tim McCool / 3-20-22

There are different types of suffering – suffering for making bad decisions, suffering from natural disasters, etc. But there is one unique category of suffering that we have truly lost sight of, and that is suffering for serving Christ. In the lost truth series, I look at what this means in part 1 of Suffering for Serving the Lord.

Salvation in Confessing to Others / Luke Hagler / 2-27-22

In an ongoing series on the benefits of confession, Brother Luke Hagler examines the importance of confessing our offenses to each other. In a world where so many offenses and grievances are broadcast on social media, God’s pattern for dealing with offences is effective and leads to healing relations.

Who is Truth? / Neil Honea / 2-27-22

Pilate’s question to Jesus is often asked today: “What is truth?” In a time when many people’s reality has become relative to their circumstances, and so many have lost their way from all sense of reality and truth, the needed question is “Who is truth?” In this message, Brother Neil presents the answer.


Who Are My Brothers? / Tim McCool / 2-20-22

When the people listening to Jesus preach told him that his mother and brothers were there to see Him, Jesus made a startling observation that still impacts us today. In this message, I look at the answer Jesus gave to the question, ‘Who are my brothers, my sisters, my mothers?”


Knowing When to Be Ashamed / Tim McCool / 2-13-22

The Lord is very clear in His word that He wants His people to know the difference between what is holy and what is unholy, or profane. In this message, I take a look at how far God’s people can drift, until they no longer know what to be ashamed of, when it comes to recognizing right and wrong.


The Sedan of Sin / Luke Hagler / 2-13-22

In a series of messages preached by Brother Luke about how we can experience timely deliverances in this life, here he speaks about deliverance from temptation. Just like a flashy car coming down the road, so Satan dresses up temptations, and if we are not aware of where it leads, destruction will certainly come upon us.


The Medium is the Message / Tim McCool / 1-30-22

A light bulb is an example of a medium. It conveys light. But a bare bulb conveys a different light than, for example, a lava lamp. Borrowing a phrase coined by a Christian visionary, I point out that the mediums we use to receive the message, seems more important nowadays than the actual message itself. Do you have an iphone or an android? A 55 inch tv or a 70?


Study / Luke Hagler / 1-12-2022

It is unreasonable to think we can become knowledgeable about anything by only applying ourselves to learn it for a mere hour and a half per week. In this message from Wednesday night, Brother Luke speaks of the need to study, and how it involves much more time than just the time we spend at church.


Devices of Satan / Luke Hagler / 1-9-22

Here is a wonderful message preached by Brother Luke on Sunday morning, January 9. Although my family was quarantining and had to listen from the car via transmitter, it was a blessing to be instructed by Brother Luke about watching out for the devices and tactics of Satan.


Discipleship and Sonship pt1 / Tim McCool / 05-04-14

Originally preached on the March to Zion Broadcast back in 2014, in this series of messages I wanted to bring out the important difference between being a disciple of the Lord and a child of God. A child of God can be a child but not a disciple. But a disciple can never be a disciple and not already a child of God. I hope sharing this series will help to make the distinction between sonship and discipleship.

Track 1

The Gathering / Tim McCool / 1-02-22

I recently found a lost cover for the back of a remote, and it made me so happy to click it back in place. It makes me happy when broken or lost things are put back together. In an infinitely greater way, our Lord will bring all his broken things back together at the end of time in the great gathering. In this message, I present this truth about the coming return of our Lord.


Let us Now Go / Tim McCool / 12-26-21

The Lord could have saved us 2000 years ago and left us completely ignorant of what He did. But in His love and good pleasure, He not only saved us, but gave the gospel to let us know what He did for us. Brother Tim speaks on this subject, using the example of the shepherds to whom the angels appeared, and how they reacted, for an example of how we should now serve God.


We Ought To Be Thankful / Luke Hagler / 12-26-21

If we have no idea that someone has done something for us, how can we be thankful for it? In this message, Brother Luke Hagler explains the purpose of the gospel. It is not to save us for heaven, but to inform us now that Christ has delivered us to heaven already!


The Meaning of the Cross / McNeil Honea / 12-22-21

The Meaning of the Cross – In this Wednesday night message, Brother McNeil Honea preaches about the meaning of the cross, not just from an eternal standpoint. In taking up our own crosses to follow Him as disciples, we must understand what the cross means.


Redemption Through His Blood / Tim McCool / 12-19-21

The cultural concept of redemption was a part of life among the patriarchs, and later legislated into law by God. For us, understanding redemption is essential to appreciate what the Lord has done for us. In this message, Brother Tim preaches about redemption through the blood of Christ.


The Poison of Popularity / Luke Hagler / 12-12-21

Today everyone wants to be popular. And with the phenomena of social media, practically anyone has the possibility for popularity. But popularity can be poison, and in this message, Brother Luke preaches of how popularity is not all it appears to be.


Honor Your Parents / Tim McCool / 12-08-21

Living in a time when no respect is shown for authority, it is difficult to see what it means to honor those in authority. From opposing political views to talk show hosts, the name of the game is disrespect and insults. In this message, Brother Tim focuses on the most elementary form of honor – to honor our parents.


But the Servants Knew / Tim McCool / 12-05-21

But the Servants Knew – The governor of the feast at the wedding where Jesus turned the water into wine did not know where the wine came from – but the servants did. And so it is for the servant of God – there are many things that the servants are blessed to see and know when the world moves forward oblivious. In this message, Brother Tim looks at this humbling truth.


The Stones Will Cry Out / Luke Hagler / 12-05-21

The Stones Will Cry Out – In this message preached by Brother Luke Hagler, the truth of praising God is presented. If men refuse to praise God, He can elicit praise from dead rocks. And in one sense, God’s mercy has caused spiritually dead sinners who, like rocks, are turned into lively stones that praise Him.


Accepted in the Beloved / Tim McCool / 11-28-21

It is common to hear that a person must accept Christ into their heart in order to go to heaven. But the Word of God teaches that we are accepted by God, and not we accept Him. In this message, Bro. Tim speaks of how we are accepted in the Beloved, Christ Jesus.

Finding Favor With God / Luke Hagler / 11-28-21

There are many ideas about how we can find favor with God. When it comes to our eternal salvation, that favor only comes through the sacrifice of Christ. But when it comes to daily fellowship with God, the Lord has a simple formula. In this message, Brother Luke Hagler shares this truth.


The Pleasure of Predestination / Tim McCool / 11-21-28

Predestination is much more than a theological term to be debated by scholars. When we see it in the light of what it really is – the pleasure of God – it becomes a revelation to us from the very heart of God. In this message, Brother Tim speaks of the pleasure of God in setting our destination.


No One Left Behind – Luke Hagler – 11/7/2021

Fear is a powerful tool, and sadly, there are those in the religious world who capitalize on fear. The popular “left behind” series is an example of fear-driven tactics. In this message, Brother Luke presents the truth that dispels such fear – the fact that the Lord will leave none of His children behind.


Peter or Judas? – Tim McCool – 10/31/2021

Over the past weeks, Brother Tim has been preaching about the 4 activities of the early church, specifically focusing on the “fellowship” part. As a conclusion on the subject of how to deal with offenses, Brother Tim looks at two examples of great offenses against our Lord, and how Jesus reacted.


The Easy Path – Tim McCool – 10/17/21

In this follow up to “Are You Saving Yourself?”, Brother Tim looks at what happened at the once-thriving church at Ephesus. Jesus declared they left their first love. This means they forgot who they first fell in love with – the Lord Jesus, and eventually lost touch with fellowshipping with Jesus’ people. In this day of social distancing, surely we can identify.


Are You Saving Yourself? – Tim McCool – 10/10/2021

There are different experiences of salvation in the Bible. Understanding this is a must for understanding the Bible. In Peter’s first sermon in Acts, he calls on a large group of children of God to “save themselves.” In this message, Brother Tim examines the timely application of how they experienced this, and he asks the question – Are you saving yourself like they did?


Spiritual Urban Legends part 1 – Tim McCool – The March to Zion Broadcast 02/01/2015

We are all familiar with urban legends. In this message from the archives of the March to Zion Broadcast, Brother Tim McCool uses this familiar phrase, with an added twist, to present several “spiritual” urban legends.


Jesus Christ the Mediator – Tim McCool – 09/26/21

For several weeks, Brother Tim has been preaching about the church of God. In this message, he presents the focus of what it is all about when we come to the location where God is worshipped publicly – it is to connect with the Mediator Himself – Jesus Christ.


Taboo But True – Luke Hagler – 9/22/21

There should be no subject in God’s word that is “off limits”, or taboo, for the disciple of the Lord. Some teachings may be more intense than others, but we should be willing to believe it just because it is in the word of God. In this message, Brother Luke Hagler looks at some topics that may seem “taboo” but they are true.



2021 Anniversary Meeting – Praying for Salvation – Jonathan Wise – 10/02/21

In the 2nd message of the meeting, visiting minister Jonathan Wise explains from Psalm 56, how we are to pray for salvation, or deliverance. And once again, this salvation does not refer to an eternal salvation, but a deliverance here and now.