A Gripping Account of Romans 10 Salvation by Both Sure and Steadfast

Though I will never gain a full understanding of it until I see Him in glory someday, my appreciation for how great and mighty the Lord really is has grown immensely over the last year, so I’ve written this post to talk about the things that led me to this understanding. I know it’s long-winded, but I hashed out the details of it all because I know that many people in my social circle have never heard the things that I believe, and I figured that it would make more sense if I told the whole story. The last few years have easily been the hardest of my life, but I would not trade the trials in them for anything now.

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Space for Grace

In this message, Pastor McCool examines the spaces, or gaps, in our lives that are caused by thorns in the flesh. There are many things we can try to fill those spaces with, but God instructed Paul that grace was sufficient to fill those spaces. Keep reading →


In this message, Elder Luke Hagler preaches about the Biblical ingredients for revival, which includes ministers with the courage to preach the truth of God’s word and an embracing of that word by God’s people.

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Blessed to Be Chosen

The glorious truth of being chosen is often misunderstood. When understood properly, the electing grace of God’s love is the starting point for the child of God to properly glorify their Savior. In this message, Pastor McCool observes the positive effects of being chosen in Christ. Keep reading →

Connect the Dots

In the average contemporary, religious worship service, there is much activity. However, in reality, Jesus instructed that only two things are necessary to worship Him: Spirit and truth (John 4). In this message, Pastor McCool engages in little connect the dots, using the Spirit to represent one “dot” and the truth to represent another “dot”, showing how these dots “connect” to produce worship that is both satisfying to the disciple and pleasing to God.  Keep reading →

The Hedges of God

There are great misconceptions about the sovereignty and providence of God in the religious world. In this sermon, Elder Luke Hagler examines the Biblical truth of how God is not to be blamed with the results when He removes a hedge of His protection.

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