By Faith we Transition | Tim McCool | 9-27-2020

From one shore of the Red Sea to the other, the Israelites faced an impossible circumstance that turned into an improbable and amazing deliverance. In the transition to the shore of deliverance there is only One who is due the praise for such a marvelous work. In this message, Brother Tim speaks of the fact that we all face Red Seas. And in our various deliverances there is only One who can receive full glory, most notably in the area of our eternal salvation. Keep reading →

She Seeketh Wool | Luke Hagler | 9-23-20

In the series on the virtuous woman, Brother Luke examines Proverbs 31:13 where it describes characteristics of the virtuous woman. It says she seeketh wool, which may be hard to identify with in our modern culture. But in this message, Bro. Luke brings out the truth that wool symbolizes purity, and virtuous women even today make it their goal to seek out purity in their lives. Keep reading →

By Faith We Kill | Tim McCool | 9-20-20

Moses told the Israelites to “kill” the Passover the night God delivered them from Egypt. The Passover pointed to the sacrifice, or killing, of the lamb, as well as the festival itself. In this sermon, Bro. Tim presents the truth of the shed blood of the Lamb of God, by which we can celebrate Christ our Passover. Keep reading →

By Faith We Forsake | Timothy McCool | 9-13-2020

If we heard about a guy who had to flee the country because he was in some legal trouble, we would think the worst. But Moses did just that. And yet it says his fleeing was an act of faith, not fear. In this message, Brother Tim considers “By Faith we Forsake”, and takes up the subject of Moses, who forsook Egypt and in a twist of providence, actually fled in faith. Keep reading →

Trouble | Luke Hagler | 8-30-2020

In this message preached by Brother Luke, he continues the series on the virtuous woman. One of the characteristics of a virtuous woman is she does not bring trouble into a home. She will do good, which means to bring peace and not trouble. Whether someone is trying to find a wife or in the midst of a marriage, a virtuous woman is a source of stability, not chaos. Keep reading →

By Faith We Parent | Tim McCool | 8-23-2020

For the parents of Moses, Egypt was everywhere. From enslavement to infanticide, the dark cloud of Egypt’s irreverent and illegal intrusion into their lives prevailed. Yet the light of the deliverer did not shine from great halls of government, or the seat of power, but from faithful parenting in a Godly home. Egypt is everywhere today. Darkness prevails and intrudes. But light still springs from homes where there are those who seek to parent their children by faith. In the next message from the hall of Faith, Brother Tim presents the subject, By Faith, We Parent. Keep reading →

By Faith we Die | Tim McCool | 8-16-2020

Relax…you are going to die! Unless the Lord comes back, the only way we get out of this world and into the next is through death. But for the Christian, this is not a fearful thing. In the hall of Faith series, Brother Tim takes up 3 men who blessed, celebrated and magnified the Lord even in their death. Keep reading →

By Faith We Laugh | Tim McCool | 8-9-2020

In the ongoing series of the Great Hall of Faith, we have considered many things we do in faith. By faith we comprehend creation, by faith we offer acceptable sacrifices, by faith we please God, by faith we move and by faith we go. In this message preached by Brother Tim, a different angle on faith is considered. By faith…we laugh. Keep reading →

Showing Mercy | McNeil Honea | 8-9-2020

In order for us to show mercy to others, we must understand what that looks like. An incredible example of this is given by our Lord in the account of the good Samaritan. In this message, Brother McNeil Honea presents the truth that our showing mercy to one another begins with understanding how Jesus shows mercy. Keep reading →

God is Working | Luke Hagler | 7-19-2020

We never think about things until they quit working. If the air conditioner goes out in the middle of the night, or our car quits, or part of our own body shuts down- then we think about it not working. But as long as everything is working, we take it for granted. In this message, Elder Luke Hagler brings out a very relevant point for us today – that we don’t pay much attention to God until He quits working. Keep reading →

They Sighed, Cried and He heard on High | Tim McCool | 7-5-2020

What can we do in such a time as this? As things seem to grow worse and worse, do we feel insignificant? No doubt the Israelites felt helpless when in bondage in Egypt. But they did something that we can also do today. They sighed, they cried, and the Lord heard on high. In this message, Brother Tim preaches about the significance of sighing and crying to the Lord.  Keep reading →

Love Covers | Tim McCool | 6-24-2020

In this message from an ongoing series on the book of Proverbs, Brother Tim examines the subject of forgiveness. This is an issue we all deal with, as we are often offended. But the Lord has set the ultimate example of how to process offenses and dealing with such issues. It is not to seethe within, or blow up, but to cover the offense in the way Christ covered our own offenses.   Keep reading →

By Faith We Offer | Tim McCool | 6-28-2020

As Brother Tim continues the tour of the Great Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11, in this message he considers how faith helps us offer acceptable sacrifices to the Lord. The first person of faith who is identified by name in the great hall is Abel. If we understand how Abel, by faith offered, we can learn how we offer acceptable sacrifices by faith.   Keep reading →

Getting Out of Bad Places | Tim McCool | 5-31-2020

We have all heard it said, “He is in a bad place…” when referring to situations people get into.  Can we agree that we, as a nation, are in a “bad place”? When the world can be shut down by a microscopic germ, we are in a bad place.  Usually we think that to get out of a bad place, we want to make it to a good place, but in reality it is quite different for the child of God. Our “escape” from a bad place, involves a Person, not a place. Keep reading →

The Prisoner Ezekiel | Tim McCool | 5-10-20

In what appears to be the final drive in service, Brother Tim looks at the prisoner Ezekiel, who was a prisoner of war in the prison camp outside the great city of Babylon. Perhaps we have felt like prisoners captive away from the motherland due to the recent world events. But rest assured, heavenly Jerusalem, the mother of us all – the church of our Lord – is not bound. Keep reading →

The Kingdoms of Men | Luke Hagler | 5-10-20

When we look around at the kingdoms and governments of men, it can become disheartening to see so little regard for the Lord. But when we consider that the only Kingdom that will last through all of the fallen kingdoms of men is the Lord’s Kingdom, over which He is the King, we can be reassured. In this message, Brother Luke examines the kingdoms of men and how they are destined to end and lie at the feet of the Lord’s Kingdom. Keep reading →

Happily Ever After | Tim McCool | 4-12-2020

We all love happy endings, and fairy tales usually provide a happy ending. But the truth is a true happy ending is always conditioned with “until” something happens to mess up the happy ending. In this message, Brother Tim presents an upgrade from the worldly “happy endings”, which involves a much greater end result. Keep reading →

The Atonement | Luke Hagler | 4-12-2020

In this message, Brother Luke continues to examine the fundamentals of the faith. The atonement that Christ accomplished on the cross was sufficient to pay for all of the sins of every single one of His chosen. In a message that hearkens to the power and provision of our Lord, Brother Luke presents a beautiful picture of how Christ will lose none of his children. Keep reading →

High and Lifted Up | Tim McCool | 3-29-20

In troubled and tumultuous times, upheaval and change always leads to fear. In the days of Isaiah, during uncertain times, with the future unclear, in the shadows of the death of an earthly king who reigned for 52 years, Isaiah was blessed to see the King of Kings, high and lifted up. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches on the heavenly perspective Isaiah saw in a difficult time. Keep reading →

Quarantine | Neil Honea | 3-29-20

In this message, Elder Neil Honea addresses the reality of quarantine from a historical perspective. Since it is nothing new to society, we should not view being quarantined as the end of the world. Instead we should remember that the Lord is with us whether we are quarantined or not.

Keep reading →

Groaning | McNeil Honea | 3-29-20

In this message preached on the second drive in Sunday service, Brother McNeil Honea looks at the book of Exodus. The groaning of the children of Israel was frequent, and the Lord heard them every time. In these uncertain times, we should never forget that the Lord hears our groaning. Keep reading →

Government and God | Luke Hagler | 3-22-20

In the third message of the drive-in service, Elder Luke Hagler addresses a question that has been on the minds of many of God’s children – What is the role of government in relation to God? And most importantly, how do we differentiate between a government interference with our exercise of religion, versus complying with useful laws. In this message, Brother Luke answers that question. Keep reading →

Having Mercy On Others | Neil Honea | 3-22-20

In the second message of the drive in service, Elder Neil Honea presents a timely message that relates to our current situation.  There are many who are fearful of virus and of government rules. No matter what our state may be, we should interact with our brothers and sisters in mercy, which is the way the Lord interacts with us. Keep reading →

Fairness | Luke Hagler | 3-11-20

In this message, Brother Luke Hagler speaks about the concept of fairness. Many think that it would be unfair for God to not treat everyone alike. Yet the Bible doesn’t speak in terms of fairness, but mercy and grace. When we understand how we have offended a Holy God, it moves us away from thoughts of fairness. Keep reading →

Bullies, Babel, and Bullets | Tim McCool | 3-1-20

We are a culture driven by images. From the internet to the media, images drive our imaginations. This is not a new thing. From the pre-flood world to modern times, cultures have been driven by images. And when the wrong images are driving the culture, we can count on destruction.  In this message, Brother Tim looks at how bullies and tyrants once drove a culture from long ago. Keep reading →

Staying on the Path | Luke Hagler | 2-26-20

In this message, Brother Luke examines what it means to stay on the straight and narrow path in life. Unlike conventional thoughts on this, the scripture teaches that the straight and narrow is the path of good decision making. Whether we are making a decision in our personal life or seeking friends, it is important we stay on the path that brings honor to our Lord. Keep reading →

The Great Interrupter | Timothy McCool | 2-23-20

From the beginning, the Lord has a pattern of inserting Himself into the events of human history. For this reason we can view him as the Great Interrupter. But when God interrupts, it is for His glory and for our good. In this message, Bro. Tim points out examples in the scripture where the Lord has interrupted the course of individuals and history in general. Keep reading →

Belief | Luke Hagler | 2-16-20

Just believing something doesn’t mean it is true, but when we believe we are accepting something as true. And there are many reason why we may accept things to be true.  In this message, Elder Luke Hagler brings out the most reliable reasons to accept something as true. Keep reading →

Corrupt Communication | Luke Hagler | 2-12-20

Negativity is one form of corrupt communication. A negative attitude not only affects us personally, but also those around us. Because of our sinful nature, we have an ongoing struggle with this form of corrupt communication. In this message, Brother Luke preaches about the corrupt communication of being negative and how to repent of this sin. Keep reading →

500 Pencers | Neil Honea | 2-9-20

In Luke chapter 7, we find Jesus addressing a Pharisees skewed view of his own level of sin. In this message, Brother Neil Honea presents the account of Jesus at the table of the Pharisee when the woman of the city came in and washed his feet with her tears. If we have an accurate view of our own sin, we will know we are all 500 pence debtors to the Lord. Keep reading →

Heaven | Luke Hagler | 1-26-20

In this message, Elder Luke Hagler preaches of the glorious place where we will live forever with our Lord. Heaven is truly a great mystery, since none of us have been there.  But the revelation of heaven through His Word is something that should bring excitement and anticipation to the child of God. And we can be sure from His word what the focus of heaven will be – the Lord Himself.

Keep reading →

How to be a Great Wife | Tim McCool | 12-15-19

In his ongoing “How To” series, Brother Tim preaches from 1 Samuel 25, using the example of Abigail the wife of Nabal. This is a great wife who had a horrible husband, but in spite of that, she demonstrated the 4 qualities of a great wife: 1) hospitality 2) respect 3) involvement in her community and 4) deep spirituality. Keep reading →

Apathy, Part 4 | Luke Hagler | 12-15-19

In the fourth message in his series on apathy, Brother Luke continues to examine the causes for apathy; Sin has an effect on our zeal to serve God and so does forgetfulness.  The more we sin the more numb we become to zealous service. And over and over in the scripture the Lord warns about forgetfulness.  If we forget our blessings, it will lead us to take them for granted, and into an apathetic state. Keep reading →

Apathy – Part 3 | Luke Hagler | 12-8-19

In the third message from his series on apathy, Brother Luke Hagler looks at the specifics of when we may fall prey to apathy. Feeling that our labors for the Lord are in vain and being more concerned with the external observance of commandments, like the Pharisees, can lead to dark places of apathetic life; and the sad part is we may not even realize we are there. Keep reading →

Being Born Again | Luke Hagler | 11-17-19

There is a time in the life of every child of God when the Lord, in His sovereignty, quickens them from death in sin to life in Christ.  A new creation is made within the heart. In this message, Bro. Luke brings out how even nature itself bears witness that God’s work on the heart of a child of God goes completely against nature. Keep reading →

Giving | Neil Honea | 11-13-19

Everything in this world belongs to God.  All things were made by him and we are merely stewards of what is His. In this message, Brother Neil examines how, even though God owns everything, He is pleased for us to give back to him a portion of his abundance he has shared with us. Keep reading →

How to Find a Husband | Tim McCool | 10-27-19

In the ongoing “How To” series, Brother Tim uses three examples from Holy Writ to establish a clear pattern from the Lord for a young woman seeking a Godly husband. Peace, stability and laughter are three qualities every woman should be seeking, and in this message, Brother Tim presents simple truths related to finding a husband. Keep reading →

The Lord Trieth the Hearts | Tim McCool | 10-23-19

In this message, Brother Tim examines the meaning of Proverbs 17:3 where we are told that our hearts are in the hands of the Lord, as silver is in the fining pot and gold in the furnace. Some would suggest this means that every trial and trouble that comes our way is directed by the Lord, but the examples found in God’s Word do not bear this out. Keep reading →

Together | Adam Green | 10-5-19

There are many instances in the scripture where the Lord speaks of us being together in Christ. We are quickened together with him, raised up together and made to sit together with Christ. Brother Adam Green preaches about the security and direction we have with one another when we are together and ultimately, the Lord will resurrect all of His people one day – together. Keep reading →

Buy the Truth | Luke Hagler | 9-29-19

Using an OT Proverb, Brother Luke preaches about what the truth is, how it affects our lives, and how we should maintain the truth when we have bought into it.  There are many ways we can sell the truth after we come to know it, but by God’s grace, we can buy the truth and never sell it.   Keep reading →

The Maypop | Luke Hagler | 9-22-19

When the Lord clearly states what we should do or not do, it leads to painful chastisement if we disobey. Whether it’s a child disobeying a parent or a child of God turning against the Lords direction instruction, in this message Brother Luke presents a clear picture of God’s consistency in dealing with us. Keep reading →

The Effects of Denying Reality | Tim McCool | 9-8-19

It is essential for children of God to face reality or they are unable to move forward in discipleship. In this message, Pastor Tim examines several accounts in scripture of how disciples failed to embrace the reality of their choices or circumstances, and the effects it had. Ultimately, when we embrace reality, we are able to move forward and function in God’s kingdom. Keep reading →

The Confession Crisis | Luke Hagler | 9-1-19

A crisis is when a difficult situation occurs and we are in need of a very quick solution. So often we hear those who are in crisis situations hit upon every possibility, often even blaming God, and never come to the solution – confession. In this message, Brother Luke preaches about the confession crisis – how we need to regularly confess our sins, which leads to peace and fellowship with God and those we have offended. Keep reading →

Zealousy | Tim McCool | 8-11-19

Zealous is a very similar word to jealous. In this message, Brother Tim looks at the zealous Messiah as his disciples observed him running out the people and things that didn’t belong in his temple. Zealousy includes elements of jealousy, but yields quite a different result. Keep reading →

Nicodemus at Night | Tim McCool | 8-4-19

Nicodemus is noted 3 times in scripture. Each time the writer refers to his visit to Jesus at night. But the last time he is mentioned, he is no longer coming to Jesus at night. We have all come to Jesus at night, afraid of the consequences it may have. In this message, Brother Tim exhorts us to not just come to Jesus at night, but step out in the daylight and serve Him. Keep reading →

Burning Jericho | Neil Honea | 7-28-19

There were two people who had very different experiences in Jericho. First, Rahab the harlot had an amazing experience in delivering her family from the burning of Jericho. But Achan, an informed Israelite, found destruction for his family in failing to leave Jericho behind. In this message, Brother Neil contrasts the two experiences and brings out some wonderful lessons. Keep reading →

The Village of Reeds | Timothy McCool | 7-21-19

From the house of passage (Bethabara) where Jesus was baptized and eventually gained his first disciples, we find our Lord traveling to the Village of Reeds in northern Galilee known as Cana. This obscure location was the place he began to manifest His power and Deity. Why would the Lord choose such a nowhere place? In this message, Brother Tim examines that question.   Keep reading →

Blessing or Curse? | Neil Honea | 7-14-19

It is often confusing when we find ourselves involved in things of this world that are not necessarily sinful, but seem to pull us away from Godly endeavors. In this message, Brother Neil identifies categories of non-sinful things in our lives that, when not handled properly, can lead us into sin. Keep reading →

Evil for Evil | Tim McCool | 7-7-19

Three times in the NT, God’s children are specifically directed to never return evil for evil. Paul says it twice and Peter said it once. Moreover, the Lord Himself instructed this in Matthew chapter 5. In presenting these teachings, Brother Tim brings out the true nature of the OT law and how there is a higher road that yields greater results than paying back evil for evil.   Keep reading →

Who is Worthy? | Luke Hagler | 6-30-19

In Revelation 5, an amazing scene plays out before the Apostle John in heaven. Though no one in heaven or earth was evidently worthy to open the great book presented in heaven, suddenly one proclaims that One is worthy. In this message, Brother Luke preaches about the Worthy Lion, who appears as a crucified and resurrected Lamb. Keep reading →

Justified by Faith and Works | Timothy McCool | 6-23-19

In this message, Brother Tim continues to examine the two categories of justification. There is justification by grace alone, which is the work of Christ alone, and there is justification that relates to our hearts and lives, known as justification by faith and works. A Biblical understanding of the difference is essential for peace of mind to a child of God. Keep reading →

Jusfitied | Tim McCool | 6-17-19

The question “Are you saved” often yields a response like this: “Yes I know I am saved because I confessed, or believed, or was baptized…” the list goes on endlessly. In this message Pastor Tim looks at justification, and how Christ justified us eternally by his work, and we experience justification by faith when we confess HIS work, not ours.   Keep reading →

Constraining | Neil Honea | 6-17-19

In a message preached on the Sunday after returning from Zambia, Brother Neil examines how God’s children can constrain the Lord to remain – whether it is by being hospitable to his servants, or by generally ministering to His children. We should all be concerned with spending more time with the Lord. Keep reading →

A Meddling Message | Tim McCool | 6-2-19

Preachers are often accused of meddling when preaching, and in this message, Pastor Tim points out just how meddling the Apostle Paul was. In very specific instructions to God’s children, Paul tackled serious issues of practical matters that could affect the peace of the church, and ministers should not be afraid to do so either. Keep reading →

What Are We Doing in the Desert | Tim McCool | 4-6-19

The Israelites found themselves far from the promised land, down deep in the desert. Many of them no doubt wondered why they were at Mt. Sinai in the middle of nowhere. This world is a desert and God’s children often wonder the same thing today. In this message, Brother Tim uses this OT example to show our purpose for being in the desert. Keep reading →

Subtlety or Simplicity | Tim McCool | 4-5-19

In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul declared his jealousy over the church, just like a father who espoused a daughter to a husband. He was concerned they would be corrupted from the simple and sweet relationship with their Lord. In this message preached at Pine Hill PBC, Brother Tim looks at the difference between subtlety and simplicity. Keep reading →

Who is in Our Details? | Tim McCool | 5-12-19

When the woman came and wept on the feet of Jesus and dried his feet with her hair in Luke chapter 7, the Pharisees were offended. But Jesus went on to delve into specific details regarding Simon’s neglect for even the most basic forms of ministry. In this message Bro. Tim presents how Jesus is lovingly aware of the most intricate details of our lives, and asks the question – Who is in our details? Keep reading →

A Look at Motherhood | Neil Honea | 5-12-19

In this Mother’s Day message, Brother Neil presents a Biblical view of motherhood – one who has an appreciation for life, a heartfelt devotion to raising children, and relentless commitment to giving their time to their family. Our Lord certainly appreciates mothers, as he chose to bring his only begotten Son into the world through a mother named Mary, which led ultimately to our eternal life.

Keep reading →

How to be Born Again | Ricky Harcrow | 5-4-19

In the final message from Saturday morning, Elder Ricky Harcrow expounds upon how we are born again, using as a text John 3. In explaining that the new birth is not a progressive work, but a one time event, Elder Harcrow goes on to show that the new birth makes a significant change in the life of the chosen child of God. Keep reading →

Times and Seasons | Tim McCool | 4-14-19

Paul pointed out to the Thessalonians there was no need for them to be reminded of the times and seasons leading up to Christ’s second coming. He pointed out that, as children of the day, it should not overtake them as a thief in the night. In this message, Brother Tim preaches about the times and seasons preceding the Lord’s coming. Keep reading →

The Reality of Sorrow | Tim McCool | 3-31-19

Every year, 55,300,000 people die. Every day about 151,000 pass away; and on an hourly basis, around 6300 leave this earth. In this message Brother Tim preaches from the well known scripture regarding the loss of our dear ones in I Thessalonians 4:13. The Lord knows that His children will sorrow, but he does not intend for them to sorrow without hope, and he lovingly relates to us that death does not have the final say. Keep reading →

Paradise | Neil Honea | 3-31-19

There are various ideas and speculations about what Jesus was referring to when he told the thief on the cross, “Today thou shalt be with me in paradise.” What is paradise? In this message, Brother Neil preaches that paradise is heaven, and the true meaning of heaven is to be where Jesus is. Keep reading →

Power | Neil Honea | 3-24-19

There are many forms of power in our world. And specific kinds of power will fuel certain types of engines. What is the primary source of all power? In this message Brother Neil addresses the question of Who has all power, and that the power that fuels the world is a different power that fuels the Kingdom of our Lord. Keep reading →

Bible No Brainer | Tim Mccool | 3-17-19

In this message Brother Tim teaches what it means when God holds discourse in the heart. A form of teaching that no preacher, parent, missionary or friend can do – this is wholly God’s area of expertise. The result is that He writes something special in our hearts that is so spiritually natural that Paul refers to is as requiring little or no thought, or, a “no Brainer.” Keep reading →

Our Prison | Neil Honea | 3-10-19

When John Baptist sent from his prison cell, he was in need of something that could comfort a discouraged prisoner. In this message brother Neil points out that we are all in prison in some way or another, and we all need encouragement to endure our prison sentences. And for God’s children, there is specific information we need to know while we are imprisoned here. Keep reading →

Don’t Take the Bait | Timothy McCool | 3-3-19

Many of God’s children wonder about the will of God for their lives. In the ongoing series from I Thessalonians, Brother Tim preaches from chapter 4 where God’s will is expressly stated – for His children to abstain from sexual sins, called fornication. Sadly, fornication is merely the bait in a trap that leads to something even worse.

Keep reading →

Keep the Commandments | Tim McCool | 2-24-19

In the ongoing series in I Thessalonians, Brother Tim reaches the half way point in the inspired letter. Paul exhorts them to keep the commandments, and in doing so, they would experience something special. Not fame, fortune or worldly glory, but a spiritual experience that was other worldly, and a modeling of our own dear Savior. Keep reading →

Preparing for Battle | Luke Hagler | 2-17-19

In this message, Elder Luke Hagler presents how we should prepare for spiritual battles in this life. The Israelites of the OT desired a king to fight their battles, and not the Lord. If we can learn from the scripture how to prepare for our battles in this life, and trust in the Lord who fights those battles with us and for us, it will make a great difference in our outlook and experience here in this world. Keep reading →

Hide and Seek | 2-10-19 | Tim McCool

Surely all of us have played this child’s game. And yet, the word of God is filled with hide and seek with Jesus. He appears, he vanishes. From the wife of a king waking up in the night, to depressed disciples walking down the road, Brother Tim examines various ways in which we can seek the Lord and, by his kind hand of providence, find him. Keep reading →

The Wind | 2-10-19 | Neil Honea

Just as changes in nature and flux in temperature lead to various  winds, so it is with spiritual winds. The prince of the power of the air can cause winds to blow into our lives. In this message, Elder Neil Honea preaches about the various winds we experience, focusing on the blessed wind of the Holy Spirit that is paramount as an influence in our lives. Keep reading →

Blessed | 2-2-19 | Mike Ivey

In this message preached at a special meeting on Saturday night, Elder Mike Ivey of Dallas, TX, presents a message from a Christian worldview perspective. In the sermon on the mount, Jesus described an other-wordly experience that we as God’s children’s can have while living in this broken world. Keep reading →

Take No Thought | Luke Hagler | 1-13-19

What if you tried to eat all your breakfasts for an entire week in one morning? Obviously eating doesn’t work that way.  And so Jesus said that each day comes with its own set of problems, so deal with them one day at a time. In this message, Brother Luke uses Matthew 6:34 as a text to encourage us to not listen to fear or worry regarding the future, but deal with what we have in front of us from day to day.   Keep reading →

A Map for the Journey | Neil Honea | 1-13-19

Because of the work of Christ, we are assured that ultimately all of God’s sheep will be in heaven one day. But the journey between here and heaven can be difficult and treacherous. And although nothing can prevent our presence with our Savior up there, in the message, Brother Neil instructs us not end up like Solomon at the end of his journey, who said all had been vanity. We should follow God’s road map for this journey – the Bible. Keep reading →

Love Feasts | Timothy McCool | 1-6-19

In the first message of the new year, Brother Tim continues the series from I Thessalonians. In chapter 3, verses 11 through 13, the Apostle encourages the church to increase and abound in love toward each other, toward all men, and following the example of the way in which Paul loved them. The word “love” is the Greek “agape”, and its basic definition is “love feast.” So ultimately, Paul was directing them to feast in love toward each other. Keep reading →

The Tower of the Flock | Tim McCool | 12-16-18

The nostalgic idea of Jesus’ birth – in a barn, with animals around, may be the traditional Christmas image in our minds of his birth. In this message, Brother Tim preaches about Micah 4:8, which seems to indicate a specific and well known location in the village of Bethlehem where Jesus was born, known as the Tower of the Flock. Keep reading →

Stand Fast | Tim McCool | 12-2-2018

In the ongoing series from I Thessalonians, Brother Tim examines how the Apostle Paul was encouraged by the church members standing fast in the truth. It is difficult to stand fast in God’s truth in light of distractions and difficulties. But the Lord is truly worthy to be glorified by standing fast. Keep reading →

Don’t Miss Your Appointment | Tim McCool | 11-4-18

Suffering is a reality of life, and often causes us to despair. Many forms of suffering exist, but Paul mentions a special category in I Thessalonians 3, which he describes as an appointment. If we don’t have the right perspective when the appointment arrives, we will miss it. In this message, Brother Tim examines the special appointment we have in suffering for serving the Lord, and how the Lord Jesus meets with us in a special way. Keep reading →

Energy Crisis | Tim McCool | 10-14-2018

God designed his word to have an impact in the lives of His children. In I Thessalonians 2, Paul describes it as effectually working in the believers at Thessalonica. Just like a car needs fuel to run properly, so the word is the fuel for the born again child of God. In this message, Brother Tim teaches about how important it is to have the right kind of fuel to energize us. Keep reading →

Identity Crisis | Luke Hagler | 9-23-2018

For the child of God, there can be no doubting their identity. Jesus clearly identifies what we are – salt and light. But even more than our personal identify, the Lord clearly lays out the identity of the church. In this message, Brother Luke preaches about the identity crisis that the church of Lord is suffering during our times today.   Keep reading →

The Motive of Ministry | Tim McCool | 9-16-2018

In our age of TV preachers with outstretched hands, asking people for money, Paul presents a stark contrast in I Thessalonians 2. In our time when the almighty dollar drives everything, when Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, he went to great lengths to remind them that he charged nothing for preaching. In this message, Pastor Tim presents the motive of ministry, not just for preachers, but for all God’s children who desire to serve Him.

Preached September 16, 2018 Keep reading →

Idols | Tim McCool | 9-3-2018

Paul encountered a culture of idols when he preached. There was a god for everything, and also a “catch-all” in case they missed one – the “unknown” god. An idol is anything we count on to “deliver” us. We may not have little idols of wood or stone today, but there are many things we count on to deliver us. In this message, Pastor Tim examines our modern day versions of idols. Keep reading →

Deep Sleep | Tim McCool | 8-26-2018

No one usually enjoys being roused from deep sleep. And while physical sleep is good for us, spiritual sleep is not. Paul encountered spiritual “deep sleep” just like Jesus did. There are specific reasons for God’s people being in a spiritual “deep sleep”. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about how deep sleep can come upon us.

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Digging Holes for Our Children | Luke Hagler | 8-19-2018

In Matthew chapter 25, Jesus related the account of the servant who buried the money his master had given him to invest. In this message, Brother Luke Hagler uses good financial investment principles to explain how we should be investing spiritually in God’s kingdom.  And when we approach spiritual investment the way the lazy servant did, we are digging holes and covering up the future generations. Keep reading →

Wonder | Neil Honea | 8-12-18

One of the descriptions of Jesus is “Wonderful.” In this message, Brother Neil examines the child-like wonder that all of God’s children should have towards the Wonderful Savior. The greatest wonder by far is the fact that a righteous and holy God would condescend to sinners and save them! Keep reading →

Run to the Saviour | Neil Honea | 7-22-18

In this message, Brother Neil preaches about the rich young ruler, who initially came running to Jesus. However, when he heard what Jesus had to say, he went away in a different manner. How often in our own lives do we find ourselves excited to serve the Lord, but then we fade out when we realize what we must sacrifice to serve him.

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Persuasive Jonadab | Timothy McCool | 6-24-18

Perhaps one of the most persuasive fathers we read about in the scripture is found in Jeremiah 35. Despite being dead for around 250 years, Jonadab was still a major influence in the lives of his descendants. In this message Pastor Tim continues a series on good fathers and bad fathers in the Bible.

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Passive Eli | Tim McCool | 6-17-18

6/17/18 – In this message preached on Father’s Day, Pastor Tim begins a series on how to be good fathers. The scripture is filled with examples of fathers, some good, some bad. In our day when a  father’s presence in the home is so diminished, Brother Tim preaches about the passive father Eli, and how fathers must be involved with their children.

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It is Finished | Luke Hagler | 6-17-2018

Using as a text John 19:30, Brother Luke Hagler preaches on the finished work of Jesus on the cross.  Even though we often feel there is something more we should do for our salvation, the good news of the scripture is that he finished it completely, and Jesus should be glorified for what he has finished for us!

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Who Are You Following? | Tim McCool | 6-10-2018

Facebook, google, twitter, instagram – these are all social networking sites that require followers. In this message, Pastor Tim examines from the scripture the rich young ruler, who was called upon to follow Jesus, and refused to because he was following something else. So many of God’s children are like the rich young ruler, they go away sad because they are following something other than Jesus.

Preached June 10, 2018

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How We Need Each Other | Neil Honea | 6-10-2018

The world in general seeks to divide – toddlers go to daycare, children go to school, parents go to work, and the elderly go to the nursing home. But God’s kingdom calls upon us to bridge those gaps and ages and be united in the truth. In this message, Brother Neil Honea preaches about the ways in which we need each other to glorify the Lord.

Preached June 10, 2018

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Laying Down Your Isaac | Timothy McCool | 5-27-18

When we see Abraham offering Isaac on the mountain, we often feel distanced from that great act of faith. But in reality, we all have an Isaac to lay down on the altar. It might be a spouse, a child, an emotion or some possession – if we hold back anything from the Lord, we fail to make him first. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about our Isaacs, and how we must be willing to lay them down.

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God’s Death Pledge | Tim McCool | 6-3-18

“Mortgage” means death pledge, and the mortgage itself will die by fulfillment of the terms or breach. When we come into this world, we are in breach of God’s law by our very nature. But the Lord provided for a Surety to fulfill the terms of our debt for us. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about the great Surety Jesus Christ who took our place.

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False Vines | Luke Hagler | 6-3-18

In John 15, Jesus describes himself as the True Vine. If there is a True Vine, then there must also be false vines. In this message, Elder Luke Hagler presents the various ways in which we can identify false vines, and spare ourselves from bitterness and destruction.

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Don’t Let Go

The truth of our salvation, the church of the Lord, the gifts God has given us through the church – these are all spiritual blessings we should not let go. In this message, Brother Luke Hagler emphasizes how easy it is for us to let things go without even trying sometimes, but holding on to the things God has blessed us with is essential.

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Happy People

If we understand what the Lord has done for us in saving us completely from our sins, then we should be the happiest people in the world. In this message preached at the annual meeting on Sunday morning, Elder Josh Coker exhorts the congregation to focus on the sacrifice of Christ no matter what circumstances we face in life.

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Jesus Rejoicing

In Luke 10, the 70 returned rejoicing over the devils being subject to them in Jesus’ name. But the Lord refocused the 70 on what they really should be rejoicing in, and not their own observable work. This is the one place in the New Testament where we are told Jesus himself rejoiced here on the earth. Pastor Tim brings out the reason why Jesus was rejoicing and exactly what he instructed his disciples to rejoice in.

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The Zion Diet

There is a specific diet that the King of Babylon wanted the captive children of Judah to eat. But some of them refused and would only eat the diet prescribed to them while they were living under the influence of the King of Zion. In this message, Brother Neil examines the effect that the diet of the world has upon us, as opposed to the rich, health-enduing spiritual food of our King in heaven.

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The Recipe for Peace

When we experience peace in our community, our church and our homes, it is not something that just drops out of the air. For the Christian, there is a specific recipe, or specific traits we must cultivate to enjoy peace. Taking Ephesians chapter 4 as a text, Pastor Tim examines the necessary ingredients in the recipe for peace.

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The God Who Chooses

Human nature being what it is, we don’t like to think about something that is beyond our power to choose. And yet, the scripture is replete with instances in which God sovereignly chooses. If we understand he is perfect and never does anything wrong, and that we are unable at best and unwilling at worst to choose salvation, we can see the glory of God’s choice. In this message, Brother Luke Hagler preaches about the God Who chooses.

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Grace and Works | 4-8-18

In this radio message, guest preacher Luke Hagler makes the important distinction between the grace of God and our works. These two terms are mutually exclusive, and we must see what our works really are and that grace cannot be grace if it involves our work.  With grace in the proper view and works in their place, then we can truly appreciate the grace of God and his mercy to us.

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Not Ashamed

In this message, Pastor Tim speaks of the ways in which we deny the Lord – sometimes when we don’t realize it. The Apostle Paul declared he was not ashamed of the Lord or His gospel, and may we be encouraged to do the same in all areas of our lives.

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The Love of God

No one condemns adoptive parents for adopting. No one condemns a husband for taking a bride. But strangely enough, many condemn God as being unfair for doing these very things. He has an innumerable host of adopted children and he has a beautiful bride. In this message, Brother Neil presents the true love of God in light of His character and His mercy.

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But God

We don’t ever want to hear about our losses and failures. But God’s word makes a point to remind us of our past – so that we can appreciate God’s merciful intervention in our lives. In this message, Brother Luke preaches how God has interrupted our wicked path and inserted himself. If we forget what we were, we can never appreciate what He has made us.

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The Folly of Idolatry

Practically no one today has a silver or gold idol on their mantle. But we are living in an idol-filled society, it is just a change of the look of the idols we have. In this message, Pastor Tim examines idolatry and how it applies to us today.

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Drink Your Milk

The scripture is filled with simple subjects, compared to milk, and more difficult subjects,  compared to meat. The basic nourishment a body needs is milk, especially when one is a baby. And so the babe in Christ must be built upon the basic, simple truths, which are called milk. Due to the lack of teaching today, simple truths are considered by many as meat. In this message, Pastor Tim teaches the necessity of drinking our milk, or digesting the simple, basic truths of our salvation.

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The Basics: Glorified | 3-4-18

In our final radio message in a series on the basics that all God’s children should know, Pastor Tim McCool takes up the final “basic” listed in Romans chapter 8 – glorification. Also known as the resurrection, this is the last event of our salvation that will take place at the end of time when God delivers us to heaven in our glorified bodies.  Keep reading →

The Basics: Called | 2-18-18

The Basics: Called – The next basic we’re considering is divine calling. This is not to be confused with the call to follow the Lord after one is born again. No, this is the calling of God by the voice of God to the heart. It is also described as a quickening, a creation, a regeneration and being born again. In all of these descriptions, an outside force must act in order to make it happen. Keep reading →

The Basics: Predestinated | 2-11-18

The word predestination for some reason strikes fear and resentment in many. But as a basic building block of our faith, and as a glorious truth that God writes on the heart of His children in the new birth, it is not something to be afraid of. It was one of the fundamental teachings by the Apostle Paul to the churches he established in the truth of our salvation. Keep reading →

Who is My Enemy?

In the ongoing series on the Sermon on the Mount, Bro. Tim preaches from the concluding verses of Matt.5. What does it mean to love our enemies? And who are our enemies? As citizens of a supernatural kingdom, we must take to heart what it means to love our enemies. The most frequent enemies we face can be those of our own household.

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The Lord’s Day

Why do we assemble to publicly worship the Lord on Sundays? And what are really supposed to be doing when we do assemble? In this message, Brother Neil Honea examines from the scripture the reason we meet on Sunday and why we sing, preach and pray. Also, it is important to understand how we are to view each other and the Lord when we gather.

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The Disciples’ Bill of Rights

As American citizens, we are all familiar with the Bill of Rights. We view ourselves in light of those rights, such as the right of personal respect, personal justice, freedom and the right to own personal property. But in the supernatural kingdom of Christ, our Master spells out a very different bill of rights in His sermon on the mount. Brother Tim examines those privileges granted to us by our loving Lord.

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God’s word says that with no vision, we perish. There are many ways to perish. It could be a physical death, but we can perish in many other ways while still alive. In this message, Brother Luke preaches about the ways we can perish in this life when our lives unravel for not following God’s vision.

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Thinking too much of ourselves, lifting up our heart to glow in all that we are, thinking that we are better than others – these are all indications of pride. And self-pride is in opposition to God, who favors the opposite of pride – humility. In this message, Bro. Neil speaks about the enemy we all face – pride.

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Your Word is Your Bond

Does Jesus really care about every word we speak? In the Sermon on the Mount, He made it clear that he does. The Jews had contrived a way to circumvent keeping promises. But Christ said a simple yes and no is enough to be bound. In this message, Pastor Tim shows from the scripture how Jesus said our word is our bond.

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She Required Nothing

In this message – a follow up to last week’s ongoing series on the sermon on the mount – Brother Tim examines the example of eunuchs given by Jesus in Mt.19. By looking at the Old Testament example of a famous eunuch, he shows how Esther hearkened to the advice of the eunuch, and was greatly benefited from doing so.

Preached January 28, 2018

She Required Nothing

From Murder to Marriage

In the sermon on the mount, it is interesting that Jesus moved from “thou shalt do no murder” to the commandment about wholesome marriage. In this message, Pastor Tim examines the Pharisees constant infatuation with the exceptions to end marriage, while Jesus called them to focus on the real purpose of marriage, which is life long commitment.

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Our Hope

Recently in our area, a dear young lady who was a senior in high school was killed in a tragic car crash. In such time of tragic loss, it is difficult to see beyond our pain. The Lord knows this, which is why the great hope of seeing our loved ones is so dominant throughout the scriptures. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about the hope that defines us, not the tragic circumstances of this temporary life.

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How Great Our God Is

Our nature is to take for granted the things that we know are certain. So in our daily Christian life, we can most certainly take for granted the promises of God. In this message, Brother Luke calls us to remember that our blessings are not rights, but privileges, and we should glorify the Lord for His mercy.

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If Your Eye Offends

In the ongoing series on the sermon on the mount, Pastor Tim examines a portion of scripture that shocked the religious world when Jesus spoke it. Instead of the outward show of spirituality, the Lord is interested in the heart.

Preached December 31, 2017

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