Returning to the Garden / Michael Gowens / 5-7-23

In the Sunday morning message of the annual meeting, Michael Gowens presents “Returning to the Garden.” The creation of the world began with our fore-parents in a garden, where paradise was lost to all of mankind. And our eternal deliverance back to the paradise of heaven occurred in a garden, when Christ arose. Until we reach the garden city of heaven, there are ways in which we, by the grace of God, can return to the garden of the Lord.

Congregational Singing, October 2020 (Individual Audio Recordings)

Please enjoy these recordings, formatted in individual tracks, from our October 2020 Anniversary Meeting. For a single, combined recording of all hymns, click here.

I Know That My Redeemer Lives


Song in the Night


The Blossoming Desert

Lord Lead Me On

O God Beyond All Praising

In Christ Alone

O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

Descend from Heaven Immortal Dove

Let Us Gather In His House

Be Still My Soul

God Has Been My Refuge Daily