Don’t Miss Your Appointment | Tim McCool | 11-4-18

Suffering is a reality of life, and often causes us to despair. Many forms of suffering exist, but Paul mentions a special category in I Thessalonians 3, which he describes as an appointment. If we don’t have the right perspective when the appointment arrives, we will miss it. In this message, Brother Tim examines the special appointment we have in suffering for serving the Lord, and how the Lord Jesus meets with us in a special way. Keep reading →

Energy Crisis | Tim McCool | 10-14-2018

God designed his word to have an impact in the lives of His children. In I Thessalonians 2, Paul describes it as effectually working in the believers at Thessalonica. Just like a car needs fuel to run properly, so the word is the fuel for the born again child of God. In this message, Brother Tim teaches about how important it is to have the right kind of fuel to energize us. Keep reading →

Identity Crisis | Luke Hagler | 9-23-2018

For the child of God, there can be no doubting their identity. Jesus clearly identifies what we are – salt and light. But even more than our personal identify, the Lord clearly lays out the identity of the church. In this message, Brother Luke preaches about the identity crisis that the church of Lord is suffering during our times today.   Keep reading →

The Motive of Ministry | Tim McCool | 9-16-2018

In our age of TV preachers with outstretched hands, asking people for money, Paul presents a stark contrast in I Thessalonians 2. In our time when the almighty dollar drives everything, when Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, he went to great lengths to remind them that he charged nothing for preaching. In this message, Pastor Tim presents the motive of ministry, not just for preachers, but for all God’s children who desire to serve Him.

Preached September 16, 2018 Keep reading →

Idols | Tim McCool | 9-3-2018

Paul encountered a culture of idols when he preached. There was a god for everything, and also a “catch-all” in case they missed one – the “unknown” god. An idol is anything we count on to “deliver” us. We may not have little idols of wood or stone today, but there are many things we count on to deliver us. In this message, Pastor Tim examines our modern day versions of idols. Keep reading →

Deep Sleep | Tim McCool | 8-26-2018

No one usually enjoys being roused from deep sleep. And while physical sleep is good for us, spiritual sleep is not. Paul encountered spiritual “deep sleep” just like Jesus did. There are specific reasons for God’s people being in a spiritual “deep sleep”. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about how deep sleep can come upon us.

Preached August 26, 2018 Keep reading →

Digging Holes for Our Children | Luke Hagler | 8-19-2018

In Matthew chapter 25, Jesus related the account of the servant who buried the money his master had given him to invest. In this message, Brother Luke Hagler uses good financial investment principles to explain how we should be investing spiritually in God’s kingdom.  And when we approach spiritual investment the way the lazy servant did, we are digging holes and covering up the future generations. Keep reading →

Wonder | Neil Honea | 8-12-18

One of the descriptions of Jesus is “Wonderful.” In this message, Brother Neil examines the child-like wonder that all of God’s children should have towards the Wonderful Savior. The greatest wonder by far is the fact that a righteous and holy God would condescend to sinners and save them! Keep reading →

Run to the Saviour | Neil Honea | 7-22-18

In this message, Brother Neil preaches about the rich young ruler, who initially came running to Jesus. However, when he heard what Jesus had to say, he went away in a different manner. How often in our own lives do we find ourselves excited to serve the Lord, but then we fade out when we realize what we must sacrifice to serve him.

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Persuasive Jonadab | Timothy McCool | 6-24-18

Perhaps one of the most persuasive fathers we read about in the scripture is found in Jeremiah 35. Despite being dead for around 250 years, Jonadab was still a major influence in the lives of his descendants. In this message Pastor Tim continues a series on good fathers and bad fathers in the Bible.

Preached June 24, 2018 Keep reading →

Passive Eli | Tim McCool | 6-17-18

6/17/18 – In this message preached on Father’s Day, Pastor Tim begins a series on how to be good fathers. The scripture is filled with examples of fathers, some good, some bad. In our day when a  father’s presence in the home is so diminished, Brother Tim preaches about the passive father Eli, and how fathers must be involved with their children.

Preached June 17, 2018 Keep reading →

It is Finished | Luke Hagler | 6-17-2018

Using as a text John 19:30, Brother Luke Hagler preaches on the finished work of Jesus on the cross.  Even though we often feel there is something more we should do for our salvation, the good news of the scripture is that he finished it completely, and Jesus should be glorified for what he has finished for us!

Preached June 17, 2018 Keep reading →

Who Are You Following? | Tim McCool | 6-10-2018

Facebook, google, twitter, instagram – these are all social networking sites that require followers. In this message, Pastor Tim examines from the scripture the rich young ruler, who was called upon to follow Jesus, and refused to because he was following something else. So many of God’s children are like the rich young ruler, they go away sad because they are following something other than Jesus.

Preached June 10, 2018

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How We Need Each Other | Neil Honea | 6-10-2018

The world in general seeks to divide – toddlers go to daycare, children go to school, parents go to work, and the elderly go to the nursing home. But God’s kingdom calls upon us to bridge those gaps and ages and be united in the truth. In this message, Brother Neil Honea preaches about the ways in which we need each other to glorify the Lord.

Preached June 10, 2018

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Laying Down Your Isaac | Timothy McCool | 5-27-18

When we see Abraham offering Isaac on the mountain, we often feel distanced from that great act of faith. But in reality, we all have an Isaac to lay down on the altar. It might be a spouse, a child, an emotion or some possession – if we hold back anything from the Lord, we fail to make him first. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about our Isaacs, and how we must be willing to lay them down.

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God’s Death Pledge | Tim McCool | 6-3-18

“Mortgage” means death pledge, and the mortgage itself will die by fulfillment of the terms or breach. When we come into this world, we are in breach of God’s law by our very nature. But the Lord provided for a Surety to fulfill the terms of our debt for us. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about the great Surety Jesus Christ who took our place.

Preached June 3, 2018 Keep reading →

False Vines | Luke Hagler | 6-3-18

In John 15, Jesus describes himself as the True Vine. If there is a True Vine, then there must also be false vines. In this message, Elder Luke Hagler presents the various ways in which we can identify false vines, and spare ourselves from bitterness and destruction.

Preached June 3, 2018 Keep reading →

Don’t Let Go

The truth of our salvation, the church of the Lord, the gifts God has given us through the church – these are all spiritual blessings we should not let go. In this message, Brother Luke Hagler emphasizes how easy it is for us to let things go without even trying sometimes, but holding on to the things God has blessed us with is essential.

Preached May 13, 2018 Keep reading →

Happy People

If we understand what the Lord has done for us in saving us completely from our sins, then we should be the happiest people in the world. In this message preached at the annual meeting on Sunday morning, Elder Josh Coker exhorts the congregation to focus on the sacrifice of Christ no matter what circumstances we face in life.

Preached May 6, 2018 Keep reading →

Jesus Rejoicing

In Luke 10, the 70 returned rejoicing over the devils being subject to them in Jesus’ name. But the Lord refocused the 70 on what they really should be rejoicing in, and not their own observable work. This is the one place in the New Testament where we are told Jesus himself rejoiced here on the earth. Pastor Tim brings out the reason why Jesus was rejoicing and exactly what he instructed his disciples to rejoice in.

Preached April 30, 2018 Keep reading →

The Zion Diet

There is a specific diet that the King of Babylon wanted the captive children of Judah to eat. But some of them refused and would only eat the diet prescribed to them while they were living under the influence of the King of Zion. In this message, Brother Neil examines the effect that the diet of the world has upon us, as opposed to the rich, health-enduing spiritual food of our King in heaven.

Preached April 30, 2018 Keep reading →

The Recipe for Peace

When we experience peace in our community, our church and our homes, it is not something that just drops out of the air. For the Christian, there is a specific recipe, or specific traits we must cultivate to enjoy peace. Taking Ephesians chapter 4 as a text, Pastor Tim examines the necessary ingredients in the recipe for peace.

Preached April 22, 2018 Keep reading →

The God Who Chooses

Human nature being what it is, we don’t like to think about something that is beyond our power to choose. And yet, the scripture is replete with instances in which God sovereignly chooses. If we understand he is perfect and never does anything wrong, and that we are unable at best and unwilling at worst to choose salvation, we can see the glory of God’s choice. In this message, Brother Luke Hagler preaches about the God Who chooses.

Preached April 15, 2018 Keep reading →

Not Ashamed

In this message, Pastor Tim speaks of the ways in which we deny the Lord – sometimes when we don’t realize it. The Apostle Paul declared he was not ashamed of the Lord or His gospel, and may we be encouraged to do the same in all areas of our lives.

Preached April 8, 2018 Keep reading →

The Love of God

No one condemns adoptive parents for adopting. No one condemns a husband for taking a bride. But strangely enough, many condemn God as being unfair for doing these very things. He has an innumerable host of adopted children and he has a beautiful bride. In this message, Brother Neil presents the true love of God in light of His character and His mercy.

Preached April 8, 2018 Keep reading →

But God

We don’t ever want to hear about our losses and failures. But God’s word makes a point to remind us of our past – so that we can appreciate God’s merciful intervention in our lives. In this message, Brother Luke preaches how God has interrupted our wicked path and inserted himself. If we forget what we were, we can never appreciate what He has made us.

Preached 3-11-18 Keep reading →

The Folly of Idolatry

Practically no one today has a silver or gold idol on their mantle. But we are living in an idol-filled society, it is just a change of the look of the idols we have. In this message, Pastor Tim examines idolatry and how it applies to us today.

Preached 3-18-18 Keep reading →

Drink Your Milk

The scripture is filled with simple subjects, compared to milk, and more difficult subjects,  compared to meat. The basic nourishment a body needs is milk, especially when one is a baby. And so the babe in Christ must be built upon the basic, simple truths, which are called milk. Due to the lack of teaching today, simple truths are considered by many as meat. In this message, Pastor Tim teaches the necessity of drinking our milk, or digesting the simple, basic truths of our salvation.

Preached March 14, 2018 Keep reading →

Who is My Enemy?

In the ongoing series on the Sermon on the Mount, Bro. Tim preaches from the concluding verses of Matt.5. What does it mean to love our enemies? And who are our enemies? As citizens of a supernatural kingdom, we must take to heart what it means to love our enemies. The most frequent enemies we face can be those of our own household.

Preached February 25, 2018 Keep reading →

The Lord’s Day

Why do we assemble to publicly worship the Lord on Sundays? And what are really supposed to be doing when we do assemble? In this message, Brother Neil Honea examines from the scripture the reason we meet on Sunday and why we sing, preach and pray. Also, it is important to understand how we are to view each other and the Lord when we gather.

Preached February 25, 2018 Keep reading →

The Disciples’ Bill of Rights

As American citizens, we are all familiar with the Bill of Rights. We view ourselves in light of those rights, such as the right of personal respect, personal justice, freedom and the right to own personal property. But in the supernatural kingdom of Christ, our Master spells out a very different bill of rights in His sermon on the mount. Brother Tim examines those privileges granted to us by our loving Lord.

Preached February 18, 2018 Keep reading →


God’s word says that with no vision, we perish. There are many ways to perish. It could be a physical death, but we can perish in many other ways while still alive. In this message, Brother Luke preaches about the ways we can perish in this life when our lives unravel for not following God’s vision.

Preached February 18, 2018 Keep reading →


Thinking too much of ourselves, lifting up our heart to glow in all that we are, thinking that we are better than others – these are all indications of pride. And self-pride is in opposition to God, who favors the opposite of pride – humility. In this message, Bro. Neil speaks about the enemy we all face – pride.

Preached February 11, 2018 Keep reading →

Your Word is Your Bond

Does Jesus really care about every word we speak? In the Sermon on the Mount, He made it clear that he does. The Jews had contrived a way to circumvent keeping promises. But Christ said a simple yes and no is enough to be bound. In this message, Pastor Tim shows from the scripture how Jesus said our word is our bond.

Preached February 4, 2018 Keep reading →

She Required Nothing

In this message – a follow up to last week’s ongoing series on the sermon on the mount – Brother Tim examines the example of eunuchs given by Jesus in Mt.19. By looking at the Old Testament example of a famous eunuch, he shows how Esther hearkened to the advice of the eunuch, and was greatly benefited from doing so.

Preached January 28, 2018

She Required Nothing

From Murder to Marriage

In the sermon on the mount, it is interesting that Jesus moved from “thou shalt do no murder” to the commandment about wholesome marriage. In this message, Pastor Tim examines the Pharisees constant infatuation with the exceptions to end marriage, while Jesus called them to focus on the real purpose of marriage, which is life long commitment.

Preached January 21, 2018 Keep reading →

Our Hope

Recently in our area, a dear young lady who was a senior in high school was killed in a tragic car crash. In such time of tragic loss, it is difficult to see beyond our pain. The Lord knows this, which is why the great hope of seeing our loved ones is so dominant throughout the scriptures. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about the hope that defines us, not the tragic circumstances of this temporary life.

Preached January 14, 2018 Keep reading →

How Great Our God Is

Our nature is to take for granted the things that we know are certain. So in our daily Christian life, we can most certainly take for granted the promises of God. In this message, Brother Luke calls us to remember that our blessings are not rights, but privileges, and we should glorify the Lord for His mercy.

Preached January 14, 2018 Keep reading →

If Your Eye Offends

In the ongoing series on the sermon on the mount, Pastor Tim examines a portion of scripture that shocked the religious world when Jesus spoke it. Instead of the outward show of spirituality, the Lord is interested in the heart.

Preached December 31, 2017

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Pre-birth New birth

If you have ever wondered about how the Lord saves babies, in this message Pastor Tim McCool examines the scriptural proof of how God saves infants in the same way as adults – by His sovereign Spirit.

Preached December 24, 2017 Keep reading →

Remember, Behold, Beware

The closing of the Old Testament in Malachi mentioned a curse. And for 400 years the Lord was silent until the angel Gabriel picked up the inspiration of scripture from that exact Old Testament verse. In this message, Pastor Tim observes the final message of the Old Testament and how it played directly into the New Testament, 400 years later. Keep reading →

Three Great Lights

Light has an incredible impact on us. From the bright sunrise shining in our windows each morning to the smaller lights we utilize for comfort and guidance in the dark, light is a great blessing. As children of God, we can shut the curtain on God’s light and remain in darkness. In this message, Brother Luke examines three great spiritual lights that we should never neglect. Keep reading →

Laying Hold

In this message, Brother Neil Honea looks at examples in the scripture where children of God actually got their hands on the Lord Jesus. From Jacob wrestling in frustration, to Mary praising him with all she had, and the rich man Joseph pulling down the dead body of the Lord in sorrow and despair, we find there are still way to lay hold on Jesus today. Keep reading →

The Danger of Anger

Jesus was very plain in the sermon on the mount. Instead of just the letter of the law, he took them to the spirit of the law. By equating anger with murder, the Lord introduced the true meaning of the law to the people. This was astonishing to think that being angry was viewed on the same level as the commission of murder. In this message, Pastor Tim brings out the danger of anger.

Preached December 10, 2017 Keep reading →

Breakers and Keepers

In the sermon on the Mount, Jesus pointed out the importance of keeping his law and being an example to those around you. He also said that our righteousness must be an inward, heartfelt experience, and not the outward righteousness of the Pharisees. In this message, Pastor Tim examines what that is – to serve the Lord from the heart, and not just for an outward show.

Preached December 3, 2017 Keep reading →


Today we are told you can’t shame others for what they do or how they are living. That to do so is politically incorrect. But shame is a reality for the child of God who will always be a sinner in this life. To fee shame for our sin is a God-honoring experience. In this message, Bro. Neil preaches about the importance of being ashamed of our sins.

Preached December 2, 2017 Keep reading →

Dot the I’s

In the sermon on the mount, Jesus made sure to emphasize that he came to fulfill the law, not destroy it. He came to dot the I’s and cross the t’s. From the least part of the law to the greatest, he would fulfill it. In this message, Pastor Tim looks at how Jesus fulfilled the law, down to every jot and tittle.

Preached November 26, 2017 Keep reading →

Cause And Effect

From science to nature, the law of cause and effect is an accepted fact. And so it is with the child of God born of the Spirit. In this message, Brother Luke examines the truth that, when you see a child of God acting Godly, it is the proof of the effect God has had on them.

Preached November 26, 2017 Keep reading →

Identity Crisis

Many young people suffer from this, but there are mid life crisis and even those who are older may feel a sense of loss over knowing their role and purpose here. For the child of God, Jesus ended any identity crisis for us when he called us the light of the world. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about our identity, as described by Jesus.

Preached November 19, 2017 Keep reading →


God originally told Adam to take dominion in the earth.  This was a peaceful arrangement until Adam sinned.  In this message, Brother Neil relates how we must now take dominion over our own lives and the things we do, by relying on God’s grace.

Preached November 19, 2017 Keep reading →


Jesus calls his disciples the “salt” of the earth in the sermon on the Mount. What is the significance of this description? In this message, Pastor Tim presents the uses of salt at the time the scripture was written, and the impact of what it means for the child of God.

Preached November 12, 2017 Keep reading →

To Whom is the Bible Written?

Who is the Bible written to? Many think that God’s word is written in general to anyone.  But is this true? In this message, Brother Luke Hagler preaches from 2 Peter 1, bringing out the beautiful truth that the scripture is only written to the child of God.

Preached November 12, 2017 Keep reading →

Happy Criminals | Timothy McCool

In yet another paradox of kingdom living, Brother Tim examines the attitude of the persecuted. Preached on the same morning that a gunman in Texas entered a congregation and maliciously murdered around ½ of a congregation, this message points us to the fact that no matter what happens at the hands of wicked men in this world, we can rejoice when we are persecuted for serving the Lord.

Preached November 5, 2017 Keep reading →

Marriage | Neil Honea

The institution of marriage is disdained and disrespected by so many today.  From illogical court rulings, to flippant attitudes towards God’s oldest and sacred institution, society in general has little regard for what God has ordained. In this message, Brother Neil preaches from the word of God on this most ancient and glorious of God’s institution.

Preached October 28, 2017 Keep reading →

Protect Yourself | Luke Hagler

In this message, Brother Luke compares Abraham’s experience in Genesis 12 with our experience in the church. Abraham was positioned between two cities – Bethel and Ai. As children of God today, we are blessed to see the spiritual things (Bethel) and the things of the world (Ai). By protecting ourselves from the world and focusing on the spiritual, we can preserve peace, love and fellowship among ourselves in the kingdom of God.

Preached October 28, 2017 Keep reading →

Agents of Peace

There are many types of peace spoken of – world peace, national peace, community peace, to name a few. But the peace of God is vastly different from the so called peace of the world. In this message, Pastor Tim points out the important differences between the peace of God and the peace of the world. Before we can be agents of peace, we must understand how the Prince of Peace made peace for us with God.

Preached October 22, 2017 Keep reading →

Three Assurances

Many children of God look within themselves  for assurance. A decision they think they made, a turn of events in their lives – but the real assurance for a child of God does partly come from within, but it is not based on something the child of God does themselves. In this message, Brother Neil Honea examines three important assurances for salvation – none of which originate from something the child of God does.

Preached October 22, 2017 Keep reading →

Clean Your Windshield

Jesus says the purer your heart, the easier it is to see God. In another paradox of the kingdom, Pastor Tim explains that our recognition of how filthy we are actually enables us to see better. God has cleansed us eternally through the work of Christ, but we have a need to clean our hearts now in order to see him in this life.

Preached October 15, 2017 Keep reading →

Mephibosheth: A Picture of Grace

In this message Elder David Wise presents glowing comparisons between the lame son of Jonathan and us in our sinful condition. Just as Jonathan’s son was fetched to the King’s house, so we are fetched from our dead state to living children of God feasting at the table of the King.

Preached October 7, 2017 Keep reading →

You are Barrabas!

A murderer was released instead of an innocent and perfect Man – Jesus. In this message, Brother Mike Rogers brings out the similarities that we share with the notable criminal Barrabas.

Preached October 7, 2017 Keep reading →

Alpha & Omega

It is often hard to grasp the eternal characteristics of God. In this message preached by Elder David Wise at our anniversary meeting, Brother David presents God as the Alpha and Omega in a tangible and touchable way.

Preached October 7, 2017 Keep reading →

Mercy for the Merciful

In the preamble to Jesus’ constitution, He brings out paradoxes in his kingdom. The poor have a kingdom. The sad are happy. The hungry and thirsty shall be filled. In the next paradox, Bro. Tim speaks of the need to understand how the Lord had mercy on us, before we can effectively be merciful to others.

October 1, 2017 Keep reading →

A Place Prepared

The Lord has gone before us to prepare a place in heaven. This earth is not our home. Even though we have not seen it yet, we should be excited in knowing this. In this message Bro. Luke preaches about the great place that awaits us in heaven one day.

Preached October 1, 2017 Keep reading →


What does it mean to drink the living water of Christ? How do we actually taste this water? In this message, Brother Tim examines a Bible account of when the woman at the well encountered her Savior, and went away rejoicing over the taste of the living water of Christ.  In this example, we can all find a true pattern for tasting the living water.

Preached September 24, 2017 Keep reading →

Lip Service

We may often pay lip service to the Lord, but the Lord sees our hearts. Through examining the only recorded accounts of two individuals who kissed Jesus – the woman who was a sinner in Luke 7 and Judas the traitor – Bro. Luke shows how God is able to look past the outward appearance and into the heart of man.

Preached September 24, 2017 Keep reading →

Congratulations to the Meek!

The world says only the aggressive, self-assertive can win – only by dog-eat-dog tactics and trusting in your own abilities. But Jesus congratulated the mild-mannered, self controlled, as the winners. In this message, Brother Tim examines how those who have strength under control (meek) actually inherit the earth.

Preached September 17, 2017 Keep reading →

What is God Doing?

It is easy to question God, especially when we all face trials, tragedy and sickness.  But the reality is that God was, is and shall do things for us.  In this message, Brother Neil Honea preaches about the things God is doing for us and the great deliverance that waits for us when the troubles of this life are over.

Preached September 17, 2017 Keep reading →

Happy are the Sad

The disciple’s life is a paradox. His hope rises from fear. His life comes from the resurrection of the dead. And Jesus confirms this paradox in his opening statements of the sermon on the mount. In this message, Bro. Tim examines this happiness found in sadness, making the point that this is quite different from the happiness and sadness of the world. It is a sadness over one’s own sins and the sins they see around them, and the happiness comes in knowing that our forgiveness is in Christ.

Preached September 10, 2017

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The Preamble

Our U.S. Constitution has a preamble that makes certain statements that lead into the Constitution.  In  a much greater way, Christ declared the preamble to the constitution of his kingdom in Matthew chapter 5. Commonly known as the Beatitudes, this introduction to one of the longest recorded sermons of Jesus establishes some astonishing truths. In this message, Bro. Tim preaches about what it means to be poor in spirit.

Preached September 3, 2017 Keep reading →

The Certainty of Salvation

In the religious world today, most Christians hear about a Christ who is trying to save, but cannot unless we assist him somehow. In this message preached on the March To Zion Broadcast, Brother Tim examines the certainty of our salvation – that our eternal destiny is secure in the work of Christ, and all of his children will be in heaven one sweet day.

Radio broadcast for September 3, 2017 Keep reading →

Being Responsible Citizens

In this message, Pastor Tim asks the question of which type of citizen are we? A traditionalist, a modernist, an activist, a pacifist – or some other category? Just as there were Pharisees, Sadducees, zealots and others in the melting pot of social and political turmoil when Jesus came to the earth, so today we often find ourselves confused and wondering what to do. But for the citizen of the kingdom of God, there should be no confusion. The sermon on the mount, or the Christian Manifesto, spells out our responsibilities as citizens of His kingdom crystal clear.

Preached August 27, 2017 Keep reading →

Eliminating Jesus

From the time Christ arrived on the scene as a baby, all the way down to our day and time, the wicked have tried to eliminate him. First they tried to eliminate his body, and today they try to eliminate his presence by taking him out of school prayers, the pledge of allegiance, etc. But the reality is that Jesus can never be eliminated, for he lives eternally in the hearts of his children. In this message, Brother Luke Hagler shares various ways in which men have tried to eliminate Jesus and failed.

Preached August 27, 2017 Keep reading →

Child Training

It is a common idea that after children reach a certain age – maybe 18 or 20 – then parents are through with them. But in reality, the Lord intended parents to continue to be advisers, friends and most importantly – brothers and sisters in Christ! In this message, Brother Neil dispels the notion that once parents raise their children, they just cut them loose. On the contrary, the relationship of parent and child should continue to grow and improve throughout the shifts and phases of life.

Preached August 13, 2017 Keep reading →

The Lord of the Feast – Part 1

In this message from John 2, Elder David Crawford preaches about the first miracle that Jesus performed at Cana of Galilee. An interesting character is introduced here – the governor of the feast. Brother Crawford observes how Jesus Himself becomes the true Governor of this wedding feast.

Preached August 20, 2017 Keep reading →

Sir There is No Man

And so were the words of the man who had an infirmity for 38 years in response to the question Jesus posed. He was unable to place himself in the healing waters of the pool on his own.  When it comes to eternal salvation, there is no man who could save us, but the Lord sent His own Son to accomplish salvation. Elder Chris Crouse preaches about the Lord’s ability when no man is able to do anything for us.

Preached August 20, 2017 Keep reading →

He was From Nazareth

“Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” was the question that Nathaneal asked when he was told the Messiah came from that location.  In this message, Elder David Crawford of Florida observes that we all have places like Nazareth –locations where we skeptically speculate there is nothing redeeming or good about such places. But in a spiritual sense, we all are from Nazareth. And it took Jesus coming from such a grimy and disreputable place to redeem us from our sins.

Preached August 16, 2017 Keep reading →

A Conversation in Heaven

Elder Chris Crouse of Florida presents the beautiful picture of the Father and Son conversing in heaven following the Son’s triumphal re-entry into heaven itself after vanquishing our sin debt on the cross.  The Father presents the proper position for the Son as a result of His finished work – to sit on his right hand.

Preached August 16, 2017 Keep reading →

Enduring All Things for the Elect

In this Wednesday night service, Elder Philip Conley of Georgia preaches on the ways in which the Apostle Paul laid down his life to share the truth of salvation with children of God. It is important to note that Paul was not trying to do this to gain God’s children an eternal home, but to help them enjoy the blessings of fellowship now. The Lord Jesus had already taken care of eternal salvation, and Paul endured to help them receive and enjoy their timely deliverance.

Preached August 16, 2017 Keep reading →


The church of the Lord has gifts. These gifts are found in the people. Different children of God have varying gifts. In this message, Brother Luke examines how those gifts function in the body of the church, just as the various parts of a physical body functions together.

Preached August 13, 2017 Keep reading →

Three Public Incidents

In this message, Brother Tim brings forth several firsts in the ministry of Jesus: The 1st public appearance, the 1st public miracle and the 1st recorded public message.  All of these point to the purpose of God in saving His elect people – the work of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost – a sovereign work of which a multitude of chosen children are the blessed beneficiaries!

Preached August 6, 2017 Keep reading →

Jesus is Knocking

The traditional view of Revelation 3:20 goes something like this: Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart to save you, and you must answer to let him in. But the true context of this verse has nothing to do with eternal salvation. In this message, Brother Tim goes beyond describing that this is NOT the Lord knocking on the door of the heart, but into the details of who this born-again person actually is. There is no doubt that this was a specific type of person at the Laodicean Church. Who was this born-again person or persons who Jesus was knocking on their door?

Preached July 30, 2017 Keep reading →

Choosing a Spouse

Very often there are children of God looking for “the one” to marry. Is it true that God has ordained that only one specific person is to be married to a specific other person who he has also ordained? Is this “Cinderella” mentality biblical? In this Wednesday night message, Bro. Luke Hagler examines the Biblical pattern for finding a spouse.

Preached June 28, 2017 Keep reading →

Smyrna is Dead

The church at Smyrna had a major problem – it was dead. The Spirit was missing from its congregation. Just like a married couple could keep their name and in private have no association, no conversation and no interaction, so the church at Smyrna had a name on the outside, but within the church there was no life. In this message, Pastor Tim McCool examines the path of overcoming for this church. Keep reading →

A Faithful Saying

Many times, the Apostle refers to faithful sayings. In this message Brother Luke Hagler examines instances where Paul refers to faithful sayings. Perhaps the greatest of all of these is found when Paul declares the faithful saying that Christ came into the world to save sinners. It doesn’t say that he came to make sinners save-able, but  that he actually did save them.  This faithful saying displays the mercy and glory of Jesus.

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Stay, Go, and Go Back

Using examples from the Word of God, Brother Neil Honea demonstrates the various times in our lives when the Lord may instruct us to stay where we are, or to  go out from where we are, or to go back to where we came from.

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The Lord’s people have great advantages today – through His church, His word, His kingdom. Elder Luke Hagler preaches about these advantages, showing how the Israelites of the Old Testament had great advantages that others did not, and we in turn today have even greater advantages than they.

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Jezebel at Thyatira

The Church at Thyatira was infected with a Jezebel – whether she was a person or a general evil presence. The church had a lot of things going for it, but in reviewing the evil character of Jezebel in the Old Testament, it is easy to see just how destructive this presence is to any church. In this message, Pastor Tim continues the series on the 7 churches in Revelation.

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Pergamos Overcoming

The 3rd church that Jesus speaks to in Rev.2 had its own set of troubles. Persecution and false teaching seems to have afflicted the church there.  But Jesus was faithful to instruct them on how to overcome it. Pastor Tim continues the series on what it means to overcome as he examines the 3rd church – Pergamos.

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Fiery Trials

We all experience trials in this life. Each persons trial is different. But they are all difficult to deal with in their own unique way. In this message, Brother Neil brings out the beautiful truth that no matter what trials we face, our Lord and Master has gone through much worse, and is therefore able to identify with each of us.

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Poor & Afflicted Smyrna

In an ongoing series on overcoming, Pastor Tim examines the issues that the members of the Smyrnan Church faced and how they overcame them. The Church at Smyrna was greatly persecuted. To be a member there almost guaranteed a loss of livelihood, if not loss of life.

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The Value of Faith

What is the way the child of God can gain the greatest comfort? Is it by traveling the world and climbing a mountain, or by examining the beauty of nature, or by many different things that can be thought up?  In this message, Brother Neil preaches that the greatest way the child of God can be comforted is through something that is placed inside them by God’s grace – their faith.

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Overcoming at the Ephesian Church

In this message, Pastor Tim examines the problem that the famed church at Ephesus faced. Over a 30-40 year period, this church went from a hotbed of zealous revival, to a church that Jesus said had left its first love. What happened initially at Ephesus? And why after such a short time would they leave their first love? And how could they overcome this issue? Listen to the sermon to find out.

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To the Seniors

Graduating high school can be exciting and scary at the same time. In this message directly to the graduating high school seniors of Bethlehem (but with a broad application to us all), Pastor Tim gives words of encouragement and Biblical guidance to the graduates.

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Counting All as Loss

The Apostle Paul had everything – riches, fame and health. Yet he gave up his riches, lost his reputation and sacrificed his own health for a single reason – Jesus Christ. In this message, Brother Luke Hagler examines how we can take blessings from God and misuse them to a degree they become curses to us.  By following the example of the Apostle, we can count them all as loss when following Jesus.

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God’s View of Mothers

Mothers are certainly special, and the Lord thinks so too.  In this message Pastor Tim looks at the value and importance of Mothers, not only from our own personal experience, but from a Biblical view.

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The Blood

In the Sunday morning message prior to communion, Elder Daniel Wood preaches about the effectiveness of the blood of Jesus in paying for our sins, as well as the necessity of His sacrifice.

Preached May 7, 2017

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Guardian Angels

In this message, Elder Jonathan Blakeley points out the usefulness of angels in God’s ministry to His Son and also to His saints. Although they may not be seen around us, we can believe they are there during our lives.

Preached May 6, 2017

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In the afternoon service during our May meeting, Brother Daniel Wood explains the difference between preservation and perseverance. Using agricultural examples, Brother Daniel proves how it is impossible for garden vegetables to preserve themselves, just as it is impossible for us to preserve ourselves. It took the Lord’s work alone to preserve us.

Preached May 6, 2017

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Don’t Sell Out!

In this message preached by Elder Daniel Wood at the May meeting, Brother Daniel expounds upon the events that led up to the soldiers taking money to cover their true account of what actually happened at the tomb of Jesus when we was resurrected.  In our lives we will also be tempted to sell out the truth at times, but by God’s grace we can resist.

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Your Reputation

A person’s reputation may be defined by how they dress, how much money they make, or even by abilities they possess.  But how we view our reputation should be defined by the way Jesus viewed his own reputation. In this message from Philippians 2, Brother Neil examines the way a child of God should view their own reputation.

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How are You Coming with Overcoming? We all have issues and trouble in our lives. It is often difficult to overcome those problems. Thankfully, God has a very simple plan for overcoming. In this message, Bro. Tim presents a Biblical view of overcoming and also examines some examples of those who overcame.


Preached April 23, 2017, by Pastor Tim McCool. Keep reading →

Comfort for God’s People

At the end of our hope in ourselves is where we find the door to hope in Christ. When we see the rigorous requirements of the law and we know we cannot keep it, then we see how it required a Perfect One to keep it for us.  Taking a text from Isaiah chapter 40, our guest speaker Elder Dickie Halbgewachs preaches about the true comfort that is there for God’s conflicted and warfare-weary people.

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Don’t Blame God with Your Devils

In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about devils and what they are – how they can affect us, where we can find them. Devils can vex us in many forms and we need to be aware of them. When we recognize our temptations and the messes we can get ourselves into, we can never blame God for that. But we can look to God to help us resist temptation and overcome these devils by His grace.

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To Know or Believe?

To Know or Believe? Which is Better? Often today someone says, “I know the Lord” rather than “I believe in the Lord.” In this message, Pastor Tim examines the meaning of the word believe as of the time of the KJV translation.

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She Did All She Could

An all-star cast assembled for a meal in Bethany in Mark 14. There was Simon the former leper, Lazarus raised from the dead, Simon Peter the spokesman of the Apostles, the Sons of Thunder, Matthew the Publican, Simon the Zealot. Even Martha the famous domestic was there serving the meal. And don’t forget the Son of God. This meal was just a few days before Jesus went to the cross. But of all the “well knowns” assembled there, it was Mary who stole the show. In this message, Pastor Tim McCool examines the difference between doing all we could, versus doing all we would.

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The Watchman

In this message preached by Brother Luke Hagler, he examines the important role of the watchman on the wall as it was in ancient times and compares this to how we are all watchmen to protect our families and our churches.

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The Riches of Grace on Display

For the last 2000 years, God’s grace has been on display in the work of Jesus Christ and the proclamation of full salvation through the sacrifice of His Son. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches about God’s display case, or trophy case. God has now set forth his Son through the gospel and the church – to display the victorious work of salvation. In looking further into this trophy case, Brother Tim points out some aspects of God’s mercy that may be startling and also affect us personally in who we minister to in our daily lives.

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Are we Calvinists?

In the religious world, there are two basic categories of belief about salvation. There are those who follow the teachings of Jacobus Arminius, who taught that one must gain salvation by doing something. The religious worlds views the second category as Calvinists – those who follow the teaching of John Calvin & his followers who taught that salvation is by grace alone.  But in reality, Baptists are neither – not having descended in belief from either of these men, and not having been part of the Protestant Reformation. In this message, Brother Neil Honea examines the history of these two groups and also a third group – known as Baptists at one point in history, and today known as Primitive Baptists.

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The Lord has quickened us together, raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places – all by the work of Christ. When it comes to being together, we can all be in the same room at one time but still not be “together.” In this message, Pastor Tim brings out the togetherness that we have as a result of Christ’s work, and how that should impact us now in the truth and the church – by truly being together and not just present in same room.

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Spiritual Eyesight

 There are different reasons why we can’t see. Some may be born blind. Others may have a medical condition. Still others may have their view obstructed by something. In this message, Bro. Luke examines how we can be spiritual blind and also where our ability to see comes from.

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The Great Game Changer

We all love the comeback kings. Whether it is a great comeback in a football game, or the great literature that balances the tension between the threat of evil overcoming all that is good, those heroes who step in and “change the game” are our favorites. In this message, Bro. Tim points to God as the original and Great Game Changer. The greatest changes have occurred based on two words, “But God…” Using Eph.2:4 as a text, Bro. Tim expounds upon our Lord as the Great Game Changer. Keep reading →

The Living Dead

Zombies are a popular subject of entertainment today. What if there really were zombies – the living dead? In reality, there are. In this message, Pastor Tim examines the characteristics of those who are alive physically, but without Christ spiritually. Sadly, we may too often find ourselves bearing such characteristics. Keep reading →

Your Enemy

Elder Neil Honea delivers a timely message of warning about our enemy in this life – Satan. Originally a beautiful created being, Satan chose to fall from his position that God had granted him, and as an outcast in this world, he seeks to dominate and destroy while he has time. We should be wary of this powerful enemy, and trust in the strength of One who has overcome him forever. Keep reading →

Time Salvation

In this sermon preached by Elder Luke Hagler, the distinction between time and eternal salvation is examined. In order to correctly understand the Bible, a working knowledge of the difference between timely deliverances and our ultimate eternal deliverance in Christ is paramount.  Keep reading →

Dead means Dead

In order to appreciate what we are as children of God, we must have a fundamental understanding of what God has done for us. In an ongoing series from Ephesians, Pastor Tim preaches about being dead in trespasses and in sins. The Apostle Paul makes it clear that we have all been in a condition of being dead in sins. But many say that the way we overcome being dead is by making a decision for Christ or letting him in our hearts. The problem with that is this – dead means dead, and nothing dead can bring itself to life. It takes an act of the Spirit upon a spiritually dead heart to cause it to live. Keep reading →

A Framework for the Fullness of Christ

There is very little understanding today about the role and purpose of the church. Some view it as an activity, others as a place to be entertained. But the church as God designed it is a place to experience the fullness of Christ, not an activity or house of entertainment.  In this message, Pastor Tim presents the church as God intended it – a place to experience Christ in this life.    Keep reading →


Elder Neil Honea delivers a message about the broken fellowship between Christ, the Father, and the Spirit, while Christ was on the cross. And the whole purpose of this broken fellowship, was so that all of God’s elect will have fellowship forever with the Lord. Keep reading →

Making Mention Of Others In Our Prayers

The Apostle Paul was very specific about his prayer life. Pastor Tim relates that one of the ways he prayed was to “make mention” of church members in his daily prayers. He relates this at least 3 times. We should follow that example – to name each other in prayer. We don’t have to recite a book about each other, but it is important that we call each others’ names out to the Lord in prayer. Keep reading →

The Power of Belief

In Ephesians, Paul prays that they would experience the greatness of God’s power to “usward who believe.” So what is the greatness of His power? By examining Biblical examples of different ones who came seeking Jesus, Pastor Tim speaks about the power of belief within us. Keep reading →

House of Bread

Have you ever wondered at the meaning of Jesus calling Himself the “Living Bread?” In this message, Pastor Tim covers the natural making of bread – from planting the seed to the bread winding up on the table – to help understand better what Jesus meant when He said He was the Living Bread.  Although natural bread has a beginning and an end, the Eternal Bread (Jesus) had no beginning and no end. Keep reading →

Searching for the King

In this Christmas Day message, Brother Neil Honea preaches about the search the wise men went on for the new King – Jesus Christ. In our pursuit of the true Jesus, it is often the case that we find him in the places we least expect. The wise men thought to find him in the epicenter of religion: Jerusalem. But, he was actually located in a small village among shepherds and farmers, the city of Bethlehem! Keep reading →

Trusting Christ

Have you ever had an “Aha!” moment when you were studying or meditating about God? In this message from the book of Ephesians, Pastor Tim deals with the meaning of trust, and how the Lord seals us with His Holy Spirit when we trust and believe His truth about salvation.  We find that a part of being “sealed” by the Holy Spirit comes in those “Aha” moments, when we see clearly from the Word what God has done for us.


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Two Mountains

In this message preached by Elder Neil Honea, Brother Neil examines the comparison between the Old Testament mountain that quaked and burned with fire when Moses and the children of Israel approached it, and the New Testament mountain – the church – that we can now freely approach because of the shed blood of Christ.


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Blessed, Blessed and Blessings

The Apostle Paul preached all the counsel of God to the Ephesians. He didn’t leave anything out. This is recorded in the book of Acts 19-20. Then, Paul wrote back to them in the letter to the Ephesians and stated plainly what he had previously taught them. Beginning a series from the book of Ephesians, Pastor Tim preaches about the blessings that God has given us as described by the Apostle Paul. Keep reading →

Closing Remarks on Choosing a Spouse

In a portion of a message preached at Bethlehem, Pastor Tim concludes his remarks about Biblical instruction in choosing a spouse.  Using as an example the wonderful account of Boaz and Ruth, he examines the good and bad characteristics to look for when choosing a spouse.

NOTE:  This message and Bro. Luke’s was only partially recorded due to tech malfunction.

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Choosing a Spouse – Part 2

It is important to know what the Bible says about who not to choose for a spouse. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches Bible instruction about the dangers of considering the wrong type of person as a spouse, followed by principles to follow in making a Godly choice of a spouse. Keep reading →

The Duty of Forgiveness

The disciples asked for an increase of faith to forgive.  Jesus explained clearly to them that you don’t need more faith to forgive, rather, we should view it as our duty, our obligation, in light of the forgiveness that Christ Himself has given to us. Taking a text from Lk. 17, Pastor Tim presents a message about our attitude towards forgiving others.

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Blessed Because of Others

In this sermon, Pastor Tim uses examples like Jacob and Joseph to show how we can be blessed because of others. We should all examine our lives to recognize the blessings that have come to us because of others.  The most significant of the blessings we have received because of others came through the Savior blessing us on the cross by putting away our sins.

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Who Am I?

Elder Luke Hagler presents two very different attitudes we can have towards the sovereignty of God. On one hand we can demand of the Lord, “Don’t you know who I am!?”, or respond in the scriptural way – “Lord, Who am I?”

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Peter Goes Fishing…Again

In John 21, there is an interesting group of apostles gathered at the Sea of Galilee, following Jesus’ instructions to go and wait there for him to appear to them. There is Denying Peter, Doubting Thomas and Negative Nathanael, not to mention the two sons of thunder, James and John. While waiting there for Jesus, Peter hatches the idea to go back to his career of professional fisherman.  Bro. Tim brings a message of how we can all relate to Peter’s attitude.  Keep reading →


A faith based on an expectation of Jesus to perform for us is not the faith taught in the scripture. Biblical faith rests in the performance that Christ has already accomplished through his death, burial and resurrection.  True faith anchors us in the accomplished work of Christ, so no matter the mountains we face in our lives, we can face them knowing our risen Savior is with us. Keep reading →

The Fear of Man

Many are gripped by fear – fear of politics, fear of loss, fear of the future – or fear in general. In this message, Elder Luke Hagler presents two very different pictures of the same man. The first picture of a man wholly trusting in God and the second, the same man gripped by fear. Keep reading →

A Publican Climbs A Tree

Elder Neil Honea presents a thorough and informative exposition of what the publicans were in first century Judea. He examines one in particular named Zaccheus, and from his experience points out the lengths to which we should all be willing to go in our personal lives to experience the kingdom of God.  Keep reading →

Seek Peace and Pursue It

Oftentimes, we are disappointed when we try to make peace with others and they don’t respond. In this message, Pastor Tim presents the unique Biblical perspective of seeking peace. Using an Old Testament passage that is repeated in the New Testament, the joy of seeking peace is examined, regardless of the response of an individual’s reaction. Keep reading →

Be of Good Cheer

So often we hear people say things like, “I know God has a plan” or “All things work together for good,” in reference to some tragedy, sickness or storm of life we are facing. But the true cheer and comfort we have is not in the tragedy or the storm, but in the abiding presence of the Lord. Our sins are forgiven. The Lord will never leave us. Sometimes we can make no sense out of this world, but we can always make sense of our Lord. Keep reading →

Job’s Works

The Lord referred to Job as a righteous and upright man, one who did things in his life that pleased God. In this message, Elder Adam Kinsaul presents a vivid picture of the activity in Job’s life that was pleasing to the Lord.  Keep reading →

Two Ordinances

The Lord has set up a simple way to worship Him.  The two ordinances of the church are the Lord’s Supper and baptism. In this message, Pastor McCool examines the simplicity of these two ordinances. Keep reading →

Stepping Out

If you have ever experienced a wonderful worship service or spiritual high point, only to find yourself down at the bottom of the barrel in a short time, in this message Pastor Tim looks at the example of Jesus for encouragement during such times.

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A Close Encounter

The Psalmist Asaph had a problem. He was falling away from fellowship with God because of his personal viewpoint. In this message, Bro. Luke describes the signs to look for when we suffer the same problem. And also how to find the way back to a spiritual viewpoint through the grace of God. Keep reading →

Don’t Follow Your Heart!

From entertainment to sports, we are told across the board to follow our heart and pursue whatever dream our heart may desire. But there is a tremendous problem with this, because God tells us our heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. Pastor Tim preaches a sermon about trusting in God and not our deceiving hearts. Keep reading →

A Basic Presentation of the Gospel

Depending on who you talk with, there are varying opinions on what is a basic presentation of the gospel. Some will say you must accept Christ. Others will say you must pray the sinner’s prayer. Still others affirm that Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart, and you need to let him in. But what do the scriptures reveal as a basic presentation of the gospel. In this message, Pastor Tim relates what the scripture tells us is a basic presentation of the gospel. Keep reading →

The Scrip and the Purse

In a beautiful analogy taken from Jesus’ instructions to his disciples on the night before the cross, Elder Luke Hagler deals with the spiritual food and riches available to the child of God as we travel through this world.

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Regard Not Your Stuff

We have a lot of stuff: Cars, houses, lands, clothes – the list of stuff the average American accumulates is endless. But we also have emotional “stuff” that we carry around. In this timely message, Elder David Crawford, from MacClenney Florida, speaks about the Biblical way to deal with all the stuff we have.  Keep reading →

Space for Grace

In this message, Pastor McCool examines the spaces, or gaps, in our lives that are caused by thorns in the flesh. There are many things we can try to fill those spaces with, but God instructed Paul that grace was sufficient to fill those spaces. Keep reading →


In this message, Elder Luke Hagler preaches about the Biblical ingredients for revival, which includes ministers with the courage to preach the truth of God’s word and an embracing of that word by God’s people.

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Blessed to Be Chosen

The glorious truth of being chosen is often misunderstood. When understood properly, the electing grace of God’s love is the starting point for the child of God to properly glorify their Savior. In this message, Pastor McCool observes the positive effects of being chosen in Christ. Keep reading →

Connect the Dots

In the average contemporary, religious worship service, there is much activity. However, in reality, Jesus instructed that only two things are necessary to worship Him: Spirit and truth (John 4). In this message, Pastor McCool engages in little connect the dots, using the Spirit to represent one “dot” and the truth to represent another “dot”, showing how these dots “connect” to produce worship that is both satisfying to the disciple and pleasing to God.  Keep reading →

The Hedges of God

There are great misconceptions about the sovereignty and providence of God in the religious world. In this sermon, Elder Luke Hagler examines the Biblical truth of how God is not to be blamed with the results when He removes a hedge of His protection.

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