Trusting Christ

Have you ever had an “Aha!” moment when you were studying or meditating about God? In this message from the book of Ephesians, Pastor Tim deals with the meaning of trust, and how the Lord seals us with His Holy Spirit when we trust and believe His truth about salvation.  We find that a part of being “sealed” by the Holy Spirit comes in those “Aha” moments, when we see clearly from the Word what God has done for us.


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Two Mountains

In this message preached by Elder Neil Honea, Brother Neil examines the comparison between the Old Testament mountain that quaked and burned with fire when Moses and the children of Israel approached it, and the New Testament mountain – the church – that we can now freely approach because of the shed blood of Christ.


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Blessed, Blessed and Blessings

The Apostle Paul preached all the counsel of God to the Ephesians. He didn’t leave anything out. This is recorded in the book of Acts 19-20. Then, Paul wrote back to them in the letter to the Ephesians and stated plainly what he had previously taught them. Beginning a series from the book of Ephesians, Pastor Tim preaches about the blessings that God has given us as described by the Apostle Paul. Keep reading →

Closing Remarks on Choosing a Spouse

In a portion of a message preached at Bethlehem, Pastor Tim concludes his remarks about Biblical instruction in choosing a spouse.  Using as an example the wonderful account of Boaz and Ruth, he examines the good and bad characteristics to look for when choosing a spouse.

NOTE:  This message and Bro. Luke’s was only partially recorded due to tech malfunction.

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Choosing a Spouse – Part 2

It is important to know what the Bible says about who not to choose for a spouse. In this message, Pastor Tim preaches Bible instruction about the dangers of considering the wrong type of person as a spouse, followed by principles to follow in making a Godly choice of a spouse. Keep reading →

The Duty of Forgiveness

The disciples asked for an increase of faith to forgive.  Jesus explained clearly to them that you don’t need more faith to forgive, rather, we should view it as our duty, our obligation, in light of the forgiveness that Christ Himself has given to us. Taking a text from Lk. 17, Pastor Tim presents a message about our attitude towards forgiving others.

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Blessed Because of Others

In this sermon, Pastor Tim uses examples like Jacob and Joseph to show how we can be blessed because of others. We should all examine our lives to recognize the blessings that have come to us because of others.  The most significant of the blessings we have received because of others came through the Savior blessing us on the cross by putting away our sins.

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Who Am I?

Elder Luke Hagler presents two very different attitudes we can have towards the sovereignty of God. On one hand we can demand of the Lord, “Don’t you know who I am!?”, or respond in the scriptural way – “Lord, Who am I?”

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Peter Goes Fishing…Again

In John 21, there is an interesting group of apostles gathered at the Sea of Galilee, following Jesus’ instructions to go and wait there for him to appear to them. There is Denying Peter, Doubting Thomas and Negative Nathanael, not to mention the two sons of thunder, James and John. While waiting there for Jesus, Peter hatches the idea to go back to his career of professional fisherman.  Bro. Tim brings a message of how we can all relate to Peter’s attitude.  Keep reading →


A faith based on an expectation of Jesus to perform for us is not the faith taught in the scripture. Biblical faith rests in the performance that Christ has already accomplished through his death, burial and resurrection.  True faith anchors us in the accomplished work of Christ, so no matter the mountains we face in our lives, we can face them knowing our risen Savior is with us. Keep reading →

The Fear of Man

Many are gripped by fear – fear of politics, fear of loss, fear of the future – or fear in general. In this message, Elder Luke Hagler presents two very different pictures of the same man. The first picture of a man wholly trusting in God and the second, the same man gripped by fear. Keep reading →

A Publican Climbs A Tree

Elder Neil Honea presents a thorough and informative exposition of what the publicans were in first century Judea. He examines one in particular named Zaccheus, and from his experience points out the lengths to which we should all be willing to go in our personal lives to experience the kingdom of God.  Keep reading →

Seek Peace and Pursue It

Oftentimes, we are disappointed when we try to make peace with others and they don’t respond. In this message, Pastor Tim presents the unique Biblical perspective of seeking peace. Using an Old Testament passage that is repeated in the New Testament, the joy of seeking peace is examined, regardless of the response of an individual’s reaction. Keep reading →

Be of Good Cheer

So often we hear people say things like, “I know God has a plan” or “All things work together for good,” in reference to some tragedy, sickness or storm of life we are facing. But the true cheer and comfort we have is not in the tragedy or the storm, but in the abiding presence of the Lord. Our sins are forgiven. The Lord will never leave us. Sometimes we can make no sense out of this world, but we can always make sense of our Lord. Keep reading →

Job’s Works

The Lord referred to Job as a righteous and upright man, one who did things in his life that pleased God. In this message, Elder Adam Kinsaul presents a vivid picture of the activity in Job’s life that was pleasing to the Lord.  Keep reading →

Two Ordinances

The Lord has set up a simple way to worship Him.  The two ordinances of the church are the Lord’s Supper and baptism. In this message, Pastor McCool examines the simplicity of these two ordinances. Keep reading →

Stepping Out

If you have ever experienced a wonderful worship service or spiritual high point, only to find yourself down at the bottom of the barrel in a short time, in this message Pastor Tim looks at the example of Jesus for encouragement during such times.

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A Close Encounter

The Psalmist Asaph had a problem. He was falling away from fellowship with God because of his personal viewpoint. In this message, Bro. Luke describes the signs to look for when we suffer the same problem. And also how to find the way back to a spiritual viewpoint through the grace of God. Keep reading →

Don’t Follow Your Heart!

From entertainment to sports, we are told across the board to follow our heart and pursue whatever dream our heart may desire. But there is a tremendous problem with this, because God tells us our heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. Pastor Tim preaches a sermon about trusting in God and not our deceiving hearts. Keep reading →

A Basic Presentation of the Gospel

Depending on who you talk with, there are varying opinions on what is a basic presentation of the gospel. Some will say you must accept Christ. Others will say you must pray the sinner’s prayer. Still others affirm that Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart, and you need to let him in. But what do the scriptures reveal as a basic presentation of the gospel. In this message, Pastor Tim relates what the scripture tells us is a basic presentation of the gospel. Keep reading →

The Scrip and the Purse

In a beautiful analogy taken from Jesus’ instructions to his disciples on the night before the cross, Elder Luke Hagler deals with the spiritual food and riches available to the child of God as we travel through this world.

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Regard Not Your Stuff

We have a lot of stuff: Cars, houses, lands, clothes – the list of stuff the average American accumulates is endless. But we also have emotional “stuff” that we carry around. In this timely message, Elder David Crawford, from MacClenney Florida, speaks about the Biblical way to deal with all the stuff we have.  Keep reading →

Space for Grace

In this message, Pastor McCool examines the spaces, or gaps, in our lives that are caused by thorns in the flesh. There are many things we can try to fill those spaces with, but God instructed Paul that grace was sufficient to fill those spaces. Keep reading →


In this message, Elder Luke Hagler preaches about the Biblical ingredients for revival, which includes ministers with the courage to preach the truth of God’s word and an embracing of that word by God’s people.

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Blessed to Be Chosen

The glorious truth of being chosen is often misunderstood. When understood properly, the electing grace of God’s love is the starting point for the child of God to properly glorify their Savior. In this message, Pastor McCool observes the positive effects of being chosen in Christ. Keep reading →

Connect the Dots

In the average contemporary, religious worship service, there is much activity. However, in reality, Jesus instructed that only two things are necessary to worship Him: Spirit and truth (John 4). In this message, Pastor McCool engages in little connect the dots, using the Spirit to represent one “dot” and the truth to represent another “dot”, showing how these dots “connect” to produce worship that is both satisfying to the disciple and pleasing to God.  Keep reading →

The Hedges of God

There are great misconceptions about the sovereignty and providence of God in the religious world. In this sermon, Elder Luke Hagler examines the Biblical truth of how God is not to be blamed with the results when He removes a hedge of His protection.

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